Common Misconceptions Around Home Renovation in Singapore

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Globally people are fond of making improvements in their homes to make them look more attractive and luxurious. Singapore is also one of those countries where every homeowner spends a good amount on renovating it. Many prefer doing it by themselves or through renovation contractors in Singapore for professional assistance. People opt for the transformation of the house for two purposes. Firstly, to sell the house. They believe that the buyers prefer the furnished and good-looking house. Secondly, to enhance their living style.

Many people follow the footsteps of others and plan the renovation on the basis of their viewpoint. It misguides and develops misconceptions among the individuals regarding the home renovation that lead them to waste a lot of money. This article will highlight the various myths due to which people make decisions for home renovation and do not get the desired outcome. Read them out!

List of Misconceptions about Home Renovation in Singapore

Greater return through big investment

Significantly, one can not sell a house with broken walls or outdated decor. The homeowner believes that if they give their residence a new and trendy look might increase the chance of finding a prospective buyer. Additionally, the homeowner spends blindly in a desire to earn a great profit by putting in money for renovation.

However, it is true to some extent but not completely. Positively an individual considers many other important factors before purchasing a property such as: 

  • Location
  • Area of house
  • Amenities 

The interior of the house is the last concern of the buyers. So it is not wrong to renovate your house but do not depend solely on it.  There are other features as well considered by the buyer to look for before investing in a property.

Everything is possible by self

No doubt, every owner tries to do the renovation on their own to save a few pennies. But, it does not always happen as expected. During the renovation, there are many tasks to do that require expertise such as fitting the electrical wires, flooring, fixing cracked walls, etc. Besides this, various tools are required to repair or fix things. 

Therefore, it is advisable not to initiate the remodeling yourself as it can cost you greatly after failed designs. Moreover, the renovation contractors hold experience and knowledge of doing the work smoothly and also have the right tools.

Most importantly, the HDB flats have certain rules which every owner has to abide by. The renovation is also done as per the set regulation featured on their website. For instance; 

one can take the help of HDB contractors to proceed with renovation projects within the limitations. Some of the restricted activities are plastering the ceilings, raising the floor level above 50 mmm, and many others.

Paint can cover cracked walls

Commonly in many houses, there are few walls where you can spot the large deep cracks. Many believe that painting the walls is enough to cover them up. But actually, it is not. However, it is very crucial to check the reason for chipped or damaged walls before deciding the solution. Usually, in many houses, moisture or water enters the walls, leading to a soggy appearance. Therefore painting them will be of no use until the root cause is not treated. 

So it is necessary to analyze the requirements during the renovation before sticking to one decision. It is a misconception that drives people to waste money. The paint will not stay for longer if the walls are broken or wet. There are many renovation contractors in Singapore who inspects the house before suggesting any changes to save your money.

Renovation takes only a few days

Unarguably, renovation can take many months or even a year. Additionally, it depends on the size of the house or the area to renovate. Usually, the bigger house takes up to 10-14 months. Whereas the smaller house can be completed in 6-8 months. 

It is necessary to plan the refurbishment carefully and discuss it with the renovation contractor as consumes a lot of time. Take the leaves from work or start the project during the less occupied days.

The Interior holds greater significance than the exterior

The interior of the house indeed holds a great significance to impress the visitors with beautiful transformation. But, the exterior holds equal importance. In general, before exploring the inside of the house any potential buyer or the guest will gaze at the look of the house from the outside. 

If the exterior is not beautiful, the visitor will develop a wrong image of the interior as well. Therefore, no matter if the house looks luxurious from the inside, you can ruin the look of the house with a poor-looking entrance. It is necessary to seek guidance from the renovation contractor to discuss the plan before initiating the project. 

Self-purchasing the supplies saves money

No doubt, this is the biggest misbelief of people that shopping themselves for the supplies can save them money. However, it is not true. The contractors have a good relationship with the suppliers and can get the material at a wholesale rate from them. Moreover, not everyone is good at judging the quality of the items. Usually, it can cost you double if the purchased material is not good.

Significantly, it is a good decision to let the renovation contractor purchase the required material. It is their daily task and holds the knowledge to inspect the quality of the items efficiently.

Overall Takeaway

To sum up, there are many misconceptions regarding home renovation in Singapore that are floating around extensively. It misguides the homeowners and leads to investment in unnecessary activities. However, people observe others and adopt DIY ideas for transforming the house. Positively, only small changes can be done but big transformations require appropriate tools along with expert knowledge in the work. The renovation contractors in Singapore are well equipped with the latest trends as it is a part of their daily work. Moreover, they are aware of the regulations set for making the changes in the house.

Significantly, before deciding on the renovation of your house, remember to invest wisely and opt for the required services only. Take the help of a professional like HDB contractors to clarify the doubts and not believe in every misconception heard from friends and family. For more information, feel free to get in touch.

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