In the past couple of years, especially after COVID, people have become much more conscious about their and their family’s health. Cough, common cold, and runny nose are some of the most common diseases which affect people. They are communicable, so people easily catch them from the environment, but they are manageable and get better within a few days after taking medicines and some rest. People often catch hold of these diseases during changing weather conditions from summers to winters or vice-versa or due to some allergies. During peak winters, runny nose, cold, and dry cough are very common, and it becomes difficult to keep up with the work, but doing a proper course of medicine, such as taking cough and cold syrup, provides relief.
One can take the oral liquid on their own but should follow the dose on the product, or for the safe side, one must consult a pharmacist or a doctor. Since the dosage is based on age, medical condition, and response to treatment, one must not increase or decrease the dose than directed. Most often, these cough syrups and cough drops contain antitussive drugs like dextromethorphan, expectorants, and decongestants, which block the body’s cough reflex, thin mucus to make it easier to cough, and help open airways by narrowing blood vessels, contributes to instant relief.
There are many benefits of consuming cough syrup and a few of which are as follows: –
Induces Sleep – cough syrup often leads to sleep since they contain drugs that affect the brain receptors and restrict signals that trigger cough reflexes. Also, one sleeps peacefully since there is no coughing, and the individual can rest properly. It is often advised not to take the dose during working hours as the person might not be able to concentrate due to the effect of the medicine.
Readily Available – cough syrup is readily available in almost all pharmacies. There are different companies which different prices, salts, and quantities. Although not many side effects have been observed, one should consult the pharmacist about the dose based on age, weight, and other specifications before buying the product.
Instant Relief – the cough syrups provide instant relief from dry cough and reduce it further. It also helps in concentrating on the work without being too coughy. It becomes a bit easy to carry out the routine without much hassle. Also, the product is too handy for travel purposes and can be taken along easily.
Easy Intake –cough syrup is a liquid fluid that can be quickly taken. The taste is sweeter than other bitter medicines and can be easily given to children. The dose is also manageable, and children have it without many tantrums.
Thus, cough syrup is an affordable product and can be easily consumed during a cough, cold or runny nose, especially during peak winters. Also, it provides instant relief and is readily available at all pharmacy stores. But one should consult at least a pharmacist before consuming if the brand is new or not used before to eliminate any risk of side effects.

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