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Since then, we’ve been able to provide cleaning services to offices stores, offices and other buildings in various companies throughout the entirety of North Jutland. We have departments today with skilled cleaning personnel. This means that we are in a position to assist businesses throughout North Jutland who want professional commercial cleaning.

In we put the same effort into our work as in the rest of, namely personal service and professionally skilled employees who make a virtue out of their work and put an honor in the profession. We refer to it as professional servicing as well as it is called Rengoring (cleaning) line.

We provide the highest quality of cleaning and service , whether for industrial, commercial or homes for private use. Professionally trained cleaning experts we believe it is essential to us to provide a clean and tidy environment in where your employees are comfortable and can concentrate on their work.

We strive to provide flawless results every time, we employ the same cleaning team to perform the duties within your business Erhvervsrengoring. They quickly come to know the various corners , nooks and crevices and will provide the ideal indoor environment for your office.

Since our employees are familiar with your business, and produce excellent results, everyone can profit from lasting, solid customer relations.

Cleaning in Aalborg

At Din Rengoringspartner We offer all the options in commercial cleaning. Apart from cleaning and sanitizing spaces, we’re also delighted to assist you with:

Window cleaning

A lot of people would like to have window cleaning performed as an addition to the commercial clean-up. Just tell us how often you’d like to have your windows plastered and we’ll make your windows shining and clean.

Mat service

It’s not a secret that we are awash in dirt and grime. If you place a mat in front of the entrance point and exit, you will be able to stop the accumulation of dirt brought in through boots and shoes. 

Stair cleaning

The stairs are brimming with dust and other debris that we stomp over the steps and then drag around and around – not the way they should look. Of course, we’re willing to assist with the stair for you if you’d like to use it as an addition to your commercial .

No matter if you need regular or weekly we will discover the best solution for your requirements. We customize a professional experience, conduct continuous self-inspection and are willing to discuss your needs, so that you can continue to receive the highest quality service for that meets your needs.


If you want your office or company to need an extra hand when it comes to cleaning, we at Din can help Rengoringshjaelp you with such a request. We ensure that we provide high-quality clean every time , and have a team of staff who strive to provide everyone the same high-quality experience. Your always has the necessary “tools” for the job to ensure that we deliver the quality we want to be on target for.

Contact us to receive the best deal on commercial cleaning

If you are looking for dependable and effective company, at a an affordable, fixed cost is a great option for both your business and yourself. This is true regardless of whether it’s for your business or an association or any other.

 Then contact us on telephone +45 4880 9952 or email info@jacobsens-rengø .com and hear more or get a good offer on professional cleaning that is tailored to your needs Read More

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