Who Can Use A Portable Nebulizer Machine? Learn About Its Working

Nebulizer Machine

The advancement in the medical field enables us to have access to easy-to-use equipment. One such piece of equipment that people are seen using these days is a portable nebulizer machine. A portable nebulizer is a machine recommended to people dealing with respiratory ailments. This is similar to inhalers with a few basic differences. If you want to know if it is suitable for your condition, learn about who can use it and a proper way to use the machine. 

Use of portable nebulizer machine

A nebulizer is a machine that turns medication into a very fine mist that is easy for a person to inhale with the help of a face mask or mouthpiece. Consuming a medication this way allows it to go directly into the respiratory system where it is needed. The doctors or health care providers usually prescribe the use of handheld portable Nebulizer to the patient who suffers from respiratory or lung problems, including:

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease(COPD)
  • Bronchiectasis 
  • Asthma
  • Cystic fibrosis 

Doctors also recommended using a hand held Nebulizer machine for kids with respiratory infections like bronchiolitis or who find it hard to consume the medicines orally. 

Do you need a prescription?

Usually, the use of a nebulizer and its medication requires a prescription from a doctor or any healthcare provider. They study your condition carefully and then recommend you one if required. Though you can order a portable nebulizer machine online without a doctor’s prescription, you still need to visit him/her for the medication. Also, some medications require a specific type of Nebulizer, so it is advised to always double-check with a healthcare provider before you buy the machine. 

Know that Nebulizer is not a toy, so use it only if the doctor advises it. 

The correct way to use a nebulizer

Before a patient starts with the process of getting treated with the Nebulizer, knowing the correct way to use it is essential. Different brands sell portable nebulizers, and so each nebulizer machine operates a little differently from each other, can also have different features. That is why it is advisable to follow the instructions mentioned in each manual. Below are some basic steps that you should follow while using a portable nebulizer at home

  1. Respiratory diseases can be infectious; that is why the first and the most important step is to wash your hands properly. 
  2. Now add the prescribed medication into the nebulizer cup. 
  3. Assemble all the machine pieces that include tubing, mask, mouthpieces, and top piece. 
  4. Now, follow the instructions given in the manual to connect the tubing with the machine.
  5. Time to turn the machine on. It can be a battery-operated machine or an electrical one. 
  6. As the machine starts to work, hold the mask or the mouthpiece close to your nose and start inhaling the mist particles effortlessly. 
  7. Make sure you are not rushing while inhaling; take slow and deep breaths through the mask so that the medicine is going in properly. 

A nebulizer makes it easy to consume medications for people with breathing problems. Compare different nebulizers to buy the best one. 


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