ANIMALS Flightless Ostrich largest Bird The world’s largest bird is the flightless ostrich

ANIMALS Flightless Ostrich largest BirdThe world’s largest bird is the flightless ostrich. They live in desert areas and African savanna, and they get their water mostly from the plants that they eat. Black And Yellow Birds

Speed and movement

Ostriches can fly but are strong and agile runners. They can run up to 31 miles per hour and sprint up to 43 mph. Their wings may be used as “rudders” for guiding them while running. The powerful legs of an ostrich can cover distances up to 10-16 feet in one stride. These legs can be used as powerful weapons. Ostrich kicks are deadly for humans and potential predators like lions. The claws of each two-toed foot are long and sharp.

Reproduction and herds

Ostriches are usually found in small groups of fewer than a dozen birds. These herds are maintained by the Alpha males and they mate with their dominant hen. Sometimes the male mates with other members of the group. Wandering males can also mate with smaller hens. All the group’s chickens lay their eggs in the nest of the dominant hen, though hers are placed at the center. Each giant egg weighs approximately two dozen chicken eggs and is incubated by the dominant hen and male.

Behavior and diet

Ostriches don’t bury their heads in the sand, contrary to popular belief. One of the bird’s defensive habits is probably what gave rise to the old saw. Ostriches will crouch low to hide their necks when trouble is near. Their plumage blends well in sandy soil and gives the impression that they have buried themselves in the sand. Ostriches eat plants, roots, and seeds, but they will also eat insects and lizards in their harsh environment.

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