Analytics Importance in App Development

data analytics companies in India

The mobile app market has improved as a result of the dramatic growth in mobile users. Mobile application development companies assist organizations in developing and building unique and strong mobile apps that meet the needs of their customers.

People are increasingly relying on smartphone applications to do daily tasks. These programs also utilize a large amount of data. You’ll need a one-of-a-kind data management platform to efficiently examine and manage this data. Here’s when data analytics companies in India come in handy. It aids enterprises in gaining data-driven insights from applications.

What is Big Data, exactly?

Tools, gadgets, and people generate a wide and dynamic stream of data these days. For analytics, hosting, and gathering, this volume of data necessitates scalable, imaginative, upgraded, and novel technologies.

Big data technology is used to process data to get rich and real-time business information on productivity, performance, profit, users, increased shareholder value, and risk.

In the era of best data analytics companies in India, speed is everything. In general, traditional analytics focuses on the analysis of historical data, but Big Data Analytics might include real-time data.

What Role Does Big Data Play In Mobile App Development?

According to a Statista poll, global mobile app downloads are expected to climb to 258.2 billion by 2022, up from 205 billion in 2018. This big user base for mobile apps generates a lot of raw data.

Raw or unstructured data necessitates high-level analytics to evaluate the statistics and get accurate conclusions from them. Big data comes into play here. App development company in India can use big data techniques to collect, simplify, and evaluate numerous data sets to address patterns in client preferences. Then, using big data insights, developers may create futuristic and unique mobile applications.

Hive, Cloudera, Hadoop, Tableau, and Spark are some of the most prominent big data technologies used by developers. These technologies make it possible for developers to create sophisticated mobile applications with new features.

What Is Big Data and How Does It Work?

Data collection -> integration -> handling -> analysis is the typical workflow for big data. As a result, you’ll get the information you need to start the operation.

Data Gathering

This is done mostly through apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as phone conversations.


After the data has been collected, it is processed to ensure that the business analysts will not have any difficulties. This enables them to have a clear understanding of what would be successful before developing a mobile app based on customer feedback and big data trends.

Data Processing

To put it another way, data is kept or managed in a way that makes it easy to examine. Businesses store data on the cloud, on-premises, and elsewhere to keep it secure and use it as needed.


It analyzes and processes the data that has been saved. This assessment enables them to make unlawful judgments following the law. The data is analyzed to uncover some of the scopes and possibilities that are necessary to take a firm to the next level.

Before digging into the significance of big data in best app development company in India, it’s important to understand what it’s for. After all, raw data is useless. As a result, you should evaluate it and extract relevant facts to progress.

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