25th Island Of Greece – Inside You’ll Find All Details!

25th Island Of Greece

25th Island Of Greece is a small but popular tourist destination. The island is also well-known for its cheese and the fact that the natives there speak a dialect of ancient Greek, unknown in any other area in Greece, and it’s not even written.

In this article, we will show you what there is to see on the 25th Island Of Greece, where you can stay overnight, and what tourists do while they’re not relaxing on Thailand’s beaches or taking a cruise around Greece.

25th Island Of Greece:

Its name is Vliopouli, and it is known as the ‘Island of Blue Cheeses’. This 25th Island Of Greece was a peninsula before it entered the sea, but ever since then, it has been enjoying its natural beauty. It is about 1.5km long and only takes 10-20 minutes to walk around on foot.

The island has been inhabited since prehistoric times, and it is said that during the time of antiquity a temple was built there. It is still there, but it has been destroyed by the sea. The locals of Vliopouli refer to the temple as “Argyros Monastery”.

There are no hotels on the island, but backpackers can stay in private houses or in local guesthouses. In general, prices are far lower than what you would find on a beach resort. For those who want to relax there is a small beach with water the color of the Aegean Sea and a beautiful view to enjoy.

The island has only one shop, which has all the basic things you need, although smaller shops are also scattered around it. You can also find places where you can eat and drink, as well as small cafes where beer lovers can enjoy themselves.

What is the 25th Island of Greece?

The island is also well-known for its cheese. Artisan cheese is hand-made and it is one of the few things that can’t be found anywhere else in Greece. The locals call their cheese ‘Perdikia’ (which means ‘flower’) and ‘Manouri’. In this article, we will refer to them as simply the ‘blue cheese’ and the ‘cheese of the shepherd’, respectively. The blue cheese is made from sheep milk. The pasturelands in the area are rich in grass, so it is ideal for sheep.

The cheese is made by an old family recipe and the milk which has been used for it has been collected from the fields where the grasses grow. This milk undergoes a long process before it becomes a plate of cheese with blue color and a tangy taste. It has an alcoholic content of about 4%.

As for the cheese of the shepherd, it is also made from goat and sheep milk, but this one has a much stronger taste. According to some experts, it could be the only cheese in Greece that contains a high quantity of fats.

Another famous product on the 25th Island Of Greece is honey. The locals go there to collect honey that they use to make a variety of products such as pies and sweets. In the past the locals were even known for eating the water they got from their bees.

Even if it is not exactly known when it was founded, the island has been inhabited since prehistoric times. It is said that during the time of antiquity a temple was built there. It has been destroyed by the sea, but it is still referred to as ‘Argyron Monastery’ by locals.

The island’s name comes from Vliopouloi, which in ancient Greek means ‘the people of the feet’. This name refers to an old tale that says the people of Vliopouli have no feet. When they are asked where they are from, they answer ‘the people of the feet’.

Where is Vliopouli located?

Vliopouli is located in the Aegean Sea, just between Skiathos and Skopelos. It is also near Andros and Tinos. The island itself is small, only 1.5km long, and 10-20 minutes to walk around.

Some interesting facts about the 25th Island of Greece

  1. The 25th Island Of Greece has a small population of only 350 people. However, it is a popular tourist destination because the locals speak a dialect of ancient Greek that is unknown in any other area in Greece. The dialect on Vliopouli is quite archaic, it is not part of the standard Greek language.
  2. Another interesting fact is that the island has its own ‘Google Maps’. Visitors can find their way around the island using an online map, but there is no way to navigate above it. This is because the locals inhabit an area called ‘Ano Vliopouli’ which means ‘Upper Vliopouli’.
  3. In many ways, this small island differs from other areas in Greece. For example, it is not written and no one there speaks standard Greek or even English. The locals only speak a dialect that is very old and which is not part of the standard Greek language.
  4. The island’s main industries are agriculture and tourism. The island does not have any significant industry, but because of its location in the Aegean Sea, it is well-known among tourists who like to do some sea traveling. It also has many restaurants and guest houses where tourists can rest overnight.
  5. In many ways, this small population differs from what we see on the tourist maps of Greece. The island has no hotels and its population is not overwhelming. The people there live in small houses and farms, so this could be a most beautiful place to stay overnight if you don’t want to bother with big cities.

Vliopouli is a small 25th Island Of Greece but it has so much to offer its visitors. It’s also interesting to know that it is the 25th Island Of Greece. The locals are proud of their cheese and they make good use of the natural beauties around them. It is worth staying there overnight and enjoying the scenery, which includes the beach, a desert and lots of green forests.

What is the prettiest Greek island?

Αs you will know all too well if you have ever visited, there are many wonderful Greek islands that are just as stunning and beautiful as each other. There are some, however, which are more famous than others. These include Mykonos and Santorini which attract thousands of tourists every year.

1. Santorini


Santorini is by far the most famous of all islands in Greece and is on the bucket List of Greece for most tourists. Situated in the Aegean Sea, this island is not big but it offers a unique experience and lots of picturesque spots for your camera to feast on. The Cycladic design of buildings with whitewashed roofs, blue domes, and small windows with attached walls make this island stand out from the rest. Furthermore, the island is dominated by volcanic landscapes which make it even more interesting and beautiful from above.  There is no doubt that this island holds travelers spellbound with its amazing beauty and is a must-go place for whoever steps into Greece.

2. Rhodes


Rhodes is a famous holiday destination that ranks among the most popular islands in Greece. It is the largest of islands among the Dodecanese islands. The island is not only known for its sandy beaches and warm waters but also for its picturesque villages, landscapes, and most importantly the historical sites. Among historical sites are medieval castles with strong high walls, Byzantine churches, and elegant mansions all connected with stone-paved alley. Thus creating an illusion as if you have traveled back to the past in the age of knights.

3. Corfu


Corfu ranks among the most beautiful islands in Greece because of the fact that it has some of the most picturesque landscapes and seascapes that you will ever see anywhere else in the world. Due to the fact that it is located in the Ionian Sea, which is known for its crystal clear waters, you should definitely come and visit this island.

4. Mykonos


Mykonos has a special place among the other islands in Greece because it is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country. This is because of its great beaches, beautiful views, and uncrowded areas which are perfect for relaxing and enjoying some quality time with friends or family.

5. Crete


Crete is another popular island which is also known as the ‘Island of Beauty. This means that it has some of the most beautiful beaches, landscapes, and tourist attractions in Greece. It shares its borders with Turkey, but nevertheless, it remains one of the most interesting islands in Greece.

6. Lesbos


Lesbos has been an inhabited island since at least 1650 B.C. It is famous for its great scenic views and its amazing beaches. There are many places that you can visit on this island, which include the Plaka, Mytilini and Molyvos.

7. Corcyra (Corfu)

Corcyra (Corfu)

In order to enjoy the true beauty of this island, you should definitely visit it during the summer. During this time hundreds of tourists come here to enjoy the warm water and beautiful scenery that it has to offer. If you visit it during winter, then you will get to see it in its best version.

8. Samos


This island is one of the most famous Greek islands because of the fact that it contains some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and also because it contains many great archaeological sites that are worth visiting.

9. Ithaka (Ionian Islands)

Ithaka (Ionian Islands)

Ithaka is a well-known island because many legendary stories are linked to this place and its surrounding areas.

10. Zakynthos


This island, also known as Zante, is well known for its beautiful beaches and the fact that it contains a small pyram-shape mountain. Its considers one of the most interesting islands in Greece.

There are many other stunning Greek islands that you can visit during your holidays in Greece, but these ten are definitely worth a visit!

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