5 Top portable wheelchairs for travel


As per studies, there are currently around 2.7 million wheelchair persons in the United States, and as the aging population goes up, these numbers are only about to increase rapidly.

For those of you who love traveling but feel restricted because of being in a wheelchair, we will give you the best portable electric wheelchair for you. We will tell you about the most lightweight, foldable, and easy-to-carry wheelchair options, both manual and power operated, so that you can choose what suits you the best. Do not let your physical barrier stop you from traveling. Here we list down the best five types of wheelchairs available for you.

The nova lightweight transport chair

This is one of the most popular, versatile manual wheelchairs because of its safety and comfort in traveling. This is one of the most popular manual wheelchairs on Amazon; it is lightweight and relatively compact. There is also a hand brake lock which gives the chair complete security for older or handicapped people, which is essential while traveling on slopes and bumpy terrains.

Let’s look at some of the best features of this chair that it offers to customers:

  • The chair has locking hand brakes which makes it easy to control the speed of the wheelchair and park it with the help of these locks.

  • This nova chair folds very quickly and compactly. It is easy to carry this car in the trunk of your car and put it away when not in use.

  • The rugged rear wheels are 12 inches which makes it easy to travel on any terrain.

  • The footrests are easy to lock and remove.

  • The desk arms are padded and flip-up desk style, making it easy to transfer from bed to chair and vice versa.

  • This chair also has a unique storage pouch designed to carry trinkets on the journey.

  • The wheelchair gives a comfortable and smooth ride.

  • This is extremely lightweight as the chair weighs only 27 pounds but is equipped to carry up to 300 pounds.

Pros of this chair:

  • Extremely lightweight

  • Speed control and stability

  • Removable footrests

  • Adjustable seat belt


  • Hand brakes of this chair might break after sometime

  • The chair may lose balance on uneven surfaces.

2. Compact folding power wheelchair

This compact folding wheelchair by Vive Health is a popular and comfortable choice for those looking to buy power wheelchairs. This electric wheelchair is suitable for outdoor use. It has a 360-degree joystick, USB charging port, speed control, and safety horn. It is easy to fold in seconds and convenient to store. It can carry 220 pounds, and the chair is powered by a rechargeable battery. Features

  • Controls are simple

  • Wide padded foam and seats for comfort

  • The steel building is durable and sturdy

  • The frame is easy to fold and carry


  • Foldable

  • Reliable dual motor

  • It fits into any car trunk

  • Easily chargeable

  • Handles most terrains


  • Not lightweight, it weighs 95 pounds.

  • Those with wider hips might find it hard to fit on the seats.

3. EW- M43 Power wheelchair

This is one of the lightweight electric wheelchairs in the market, which is relatively compact and easy to carry. In between charges, it allows operating for 10 miles with the highest speed of 3.7 miles per hour. The sleek aluminum frame allows it to accommodate up to 300 pounds. The chair has removable seats for storage of personal items, and the wheels are anti-fit and anti-tip. The armrests are foldable, and the joystick can be moved on the left and right armrest.


  • Long battery life

  • Storage space

  • The highest speed of almost 4 hours per hour

  • Lightweight, portable design


  • Comfortable

  • Affordable price point

  • Lots of features

  • It easily fits into the car trunk


  • It comes in only one color

  • Unclear instructions

4. ProBasics store transport wheelchair

One of the best manual wheelchairs in the market, ProBasics gives a unique travel experience. This is easy to fold flat, coming down to just 9 inches. The seats are made of nylon with a padded design. The flared handles provide a firmer grip to push this wheelchair.


  • Lightweight chair with aluminum body

  • Padded full armrest with nylon upholstery

  • Perfect travel chair

  • Has seat belts and swing footrests

  • Supports up to 300 pounds


  • Difficult to push on sideways

  • Brake is not good

5. Titan LTE portable power wheelchair

This one is a unique power wheelchair that can be disassembled quickly. This has an attractive contemporary design with user-friendly features. The disassembling feature of this wheelchair makes it easy to store, transport, assemble and disassemble. It has a programmable Bluetooth joystick which makes operating this wheelchair accessible.

This can carry 30 pounds, has the highest speed limit of 4.2 miles per hour, and allows 8 hours of running time between charges. This chair is available in multiple colors, and you can choose amongst them. The seat swivels at a 45-degree angle and has positioning belts for safety. The tires are non-marking and will not go flat; the ad can quickly move indoors and outdoors. The ease of dissembling this wheelchair makes it a favorite amongst many, and this comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Extremely adjustable

  • Bluetooth controller

  • Non-marking flat tires

  • The unique frame of the chair allows disassembly

  • Padded and contoured seats and armrest


  • Large castor wheels

  • Sturdy

  • Extremely easy to carry everywhere due to its dissembling parts

  • Lightweight

  • Turns very easily


  • The charging port is located in an awkward place of the chair

  • the user would need some time to get used to the joystick


So from the above points, we understand that using a wheelchair need not necessarily prevent you from free movement. There are so many options available in the market you can choose the one you feel most comfortable using.

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