35+ interesting facts about the 25th Island of Greece

25th Island of Greece

Right now you’re on the 25th island of Greece and we want to share some facts about it with you. But first, let us tell you a few facts about the number 25:

  • How many days in a week?
  • What area code is 25085?
  • What is 4 multiplied by 5 and then divided by 2?

And now for the facts:

  1. Greek watermelon seedlings are planted in 25 groups.
  2. The 25th, Greek National Dance sport Championship takes place monthly
  3. There is a theatre at the 25th island called “Theatre of Youth and Arts”, one of the most beautiful buildings on the island.
  4. The 25th island is home to the Museum and Library of Illiopolis, which is a few kilometres west of the city of Illiopolis.
  5. There is also a museum at the 25th island situated in the city of Levkas with an exhibition about shipwrecks from 1891 to 1912 that were wrecked at Lekvars beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.
  6. The centuries-old “Melissa” water well can be found at the 25th island.
  7. There is a lighthouse on the 25th island, located near the beach of Malacosoma that belongs to Ancient Thira and it is among one of the most beautiful lighthouses in Greece.
  8. On the 25th island you can find the only ski resort in the Aegean islands, since it can be found at Mount Brachiolas, near the city of Chania
  9. The most beautiful beaches of Europe are located at the 25th island and they include: LIVADA, PLAKA, MELISSOKOMOU, LEFKADA and ROUDIES.
  10. The best pastries and sweets in the world can be found at the 25th island.
  11. There are a lot of islands that belong to the 25th island.
  12. Galapagos 2. Levkas 3. Syros 4. Pelineon 5. Syra 6. Tyrra 7. Kalkinda 8. Elafonisi 9 …and many more!
  13. The 25th island is home to the world’s only dinosaur exhibit.
  14. The island of Levkas is located in the middle of two seas, being the Greco-Turkish sea and the ICES (The International Council for Exploration of the Sea) sea.
  15. There are 15 beaches on the 25th island:
  16. Livadia 2. Levkas 3. Kato Mpernikia 4. Eleftherias 5. Agios Ioannis 6 …and many more!

15 . There is even an underground aqua-park called “The 25th Island Water Park” located at the city of Levkas.

  1. Many places on the 25th island, such as the city of Chania, are located in the Naoussa region (Naoussa is a very small sea harbour that belongs to the city of Chania).
  2. The 25th island is known for its “speciality cheeses” since there are more than 100 cheese makers in the island and they are among the most successful in Greece.
  3. The 25th island is also known for its traditional music called “Naoussa” that was originated in the island of Levkas and it became popular during the sixties.
  4. The most famous celebrity to come from this island was “George Costopoulos”, born on the 25th island in 1869 .
  5. There are two main sea ports in Greece, located at the 25th and 26th islands: Chania and Levkas .

21 . The city of Levkas is also called “The Venice of the Aegean”, since it was built in a Venetian style.

  1. The island of Levkas is currently hosting an event called “Summer Music Festival”, which takes place every summer at a theatre located at the island.
  2. The first Byzantine church was built at the city of Levkas, called “The Assumption of the Virgin” and it is one of the most impressive churches on the island.
  3. There is a small island in the 25th island called “Pserimos” (The Turtle), since turtles use it as a place to lay their eggs.

25 . A unique park can be found at the 25th island, due to its history when it was used during war times as a hospital for wounded soldiers.

26 . There are a lot of interesting archaeological sites located at the 25th island, such as:

  1. “The ancient theatre of the city of Chania” 2. “The ancient Byzantine church of Saint Nicholas” 3. “The tombs that belonged to the Lusignan dynasty” 4 …and many more!

27 . The 25th Island is named after its main city, called Levkas

28 . The city of Chania is located south-west of the 25th island, a few kilometres from it.

29 . The city of Chania is located at the “Akrotiri village”, which is part of the city.

30 . The word “Akrotiri” means “Crow town,” since eagles nest on a mountain next to it.

31 . There is a famous saying that says if you see an eagle flying over Levkas, then that means that someone close to you will soon travel.

32 . A large archaeological site called “The Palace of Agios Marko” is located at the city of Chania.

33 . The city of Chania has a population of approximately 65,000 people.

34 . The 25th island is located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, and it is included in a group of islands that were historically called “The Sporades”.

35 . The 25th island has a unique region called the”Munichos” mountain range.

36 . There is a very rare plant called “King Orchid”, which can only be found at the area of “Munichos”. This plant was believed to have aphrodisiac properties.

37 . The population of Chania represents over 50% of the total population of the 25th island.

38 . The city of Chania has many churches and they include:

  1. The Saiochorion Church 2. The Chapel of Our Lady 3 …and many more!

39 . There are two ancient theatres in the city of Chania, both built at the same time, since it is believed that one of them was used for wrestling and the other for drama plays such as “Dinesthai”.


There are a lot of interesting facts about the 25th island and it is located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, since it belongs to the island group called “The Sporades”.

Anyone who has sea travel dreams has to know more about this fascinating island, so let’s learn it by visiting all kinds of interesting destinations, unique islands and so on.

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