10 Quick Tips on What Information to Put on Your Business Card

Business Card

Here are 10 Quick Tips on What Information to Put on Your Business Card:

1. Keep business cards simple –

Your business card should quickly and effectively convey information about your business to someone reading it.

2. Be professional –

Use good quality business cards with your contact information printed clearly on them, including email address or website URL, if appropriate. You could also include a small logo on the card as well as a short tagline that describes what you do or who you help.

3. Limit the amount of text on business cards –

Business cards are meant to be quick reference tools so limit each card to only essential information such as company name, job title, business telephone number and either an email address or website URL – not both! If you have a complicated business structure then consider having more than one business card with different business field, but make sure each business card contains the same business contact information.

4. Use color cautiously –

If you are limited in how many business cards you can order for your business then choose a simple color scheme that best represents your business rather than using multiple colors or complicated designs to help tell people who you are! Remember, business cards are meant to be quick reference tools so anyone picking up one of your business cards should be able to easily recognize it amongst their other papers or business cards without having to spend too much time thinking about it. They should not have to squint at small text or spend time trying to figure out if the business card is theirs or not!

5. Keep them organized –

When business cards are printed it is common to use an online business card designer that allows you to enter business contact information using a simple form. If this is the case then make sure that the business information on each business card is exactly the same, including contact name, job title and business telephone number – any changes or mistakes could throw people off when they are looking for your business details.

6. Keep business cards organized –

Once printed business cards can quickly become scattered throughout notepads, folders or loose leaf binders without much organization making them difficult to find time after time. One way to keep your business cards easy to find is to store them in a small box where each stack of business cards corresponds with the person who received it.

7. You can use business cards for more than business –

Business cards are not only useful for business purposes, but also for personal ones too. For example, if you plan to go traveling on business or even on business trips abroad. Consider adding the local business number you will be using whilst traveling onto your business card. So that anyone who wants to contact you can do so easily no matter where in the world they are!

8. Quality is important –

Make sure that your business cards look professional and of high quality by choosing a good online business card designer (such as this one  http://www.moo.com ) and having them printed at your nearest print shop, preferably with web press printing capabilities to ensure business cards are printed quickly at the highest possible quality.

9. Keep business cards accessible –

Always have business cards with you and be prepared to give them out to anyone you meet. Who might want one, such as people in your industry or potential business contacts. If business cards are not readily available then people may think that you do not take business seriously. Which can put off other business contacts from getting involved or even doing business with you!

10. Don’t forget your contact information! –

Business cards should always contain contact information. So make sure that your name, phone number and email address is clear and easy to read. So that whoever has picked up one of your business cards can find this important information when they need to contact you!


Business cards can be difficult to design and order for business purposes. But following these business card design guidelines will help you create business cards. That are professional, easy to find business information on and most importantly make sure your business contacts know who you are!


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