Employment in UAE: A Quick Guide Before Scribbling Your Signatures Away

The UAE is teeming with employment opportunities in recent decades. It is a by-product of the constant efforts from the economists and the government alike and shows up in the growth of expatriates every year. While some are because employees are working hard towards achieving their goals, the UAE employers are putting in equal amounts of effort.

For a start, the employee needs to have a work permit, or a Labour Card, that officially permits them to work on the premise of the Middle East. With the advent of the New Labour Law 2022, employment contracts witnessed a hallmark. This is a step towards bridging the public and private sectors while improving the output of both sectors.

Nevertheless, it is equally important for the new employees to make sure of a few aspects before signing their employment contract. Here is a look at them in detail:

Approval for the visa quota

This is the first step towards acquiring the employment opportunity on all legal grounds. The Ministry of Labour (MOL) grants the work visa and the employer can apply for it on their behalf. However, if the visa is already under application process, the grant approves the employee before entering the UAE.

Contract Letter and Signature

Once the visa quota is approved, the employer sends the employment contract to the employee for the signature and receives them back. The language for the employment contract should be in English, Arabic, and the native language of the employee. Signing all pages of the document ensures that the employee has accepted the opportunity.

Work Permit

The work permit is entirely technical work. The Ministry of Labour scrutinizes and assesses the employee and employer. They check all the documentation and the profile to base their decision on. For this, they analyse the employer stability and registration with the UAE corporate entity. Along with that, they analyse if any local can elsewise do the task or not. After that, the approval is granted and the expatriate can enter the premises for work purposes.

Entry Visa

After the approval of the work permit, the Ministry of Labour issues the Pink Visa. It is another name for the entry visa and allows the employees to legally enter the UAE within a time frame of 2 months. This time begins from the time of issuance and enables the employee to stay for 30 days until the formal permit is approved.

Visa Change Status

There are two ways to begin the visa change status and entirely depends on the situation. If the visa is ready at the time of their arrival, they can simply pick it up from the airport. Else they will have to apply therein, and wait for 60 days for the process and receive it. They also require some additional documents and procedures, so make sure to begin it as soon as you land, to get it on a timely basis.

Screening and Biometric Check

Every person entering the UAE premises is bound to undergo a medical check-up. This was already in place before the pandemic hit the globe and since then the process has become a necessary checkpoint. Also, a quick face and fingerprint biometric check is another necessity for the acquisition of a valid work visa. If you have it done, it’s good, else make sure to complete it before the 60-day time completes.

Contract Signatures

Within 14 days of the issuance of medical results, a signed labour contract should be submitted. Also, there is a new edition in place that requires the employee to upload it on their website too.

Medical Health Insurance Card

Health insurance is mandatory for all expatriates. Therefore, they need to sign up for the insurance card. Else, they will not be eligible for any sort of insurance and end up paying the healthcare charges in full amounts, making it expensive for them.

Stamping and Collection

All the expatriates need to get the stamp on their visa for the residence card. This allows them to legally live in the UAE and enjoy all the benefits from opening up a bank account, registering a car, or investing anywhere. Also, make sure to collect Emirate ID cards, for everyday identification purposes. You should keep it with you at all times, whenever going out. Security guards can pop up anytime and as for the inquiry.

In all, these guidelines give you a complete look at what documents you need before signing up for the employment opportunity. You can also seek help from any credible employment lawyer in UAE. However, it remains important to prepare your documents beforehand and save your time and hassle in the later stage.

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