10 Manhwa Comics You Must Definitely Read


Mangaka (artist/writer) are artists and creators who work in the manga and manhwa ( Korean comics) industry. Mangaka often have a great deal of creativity and storytelling ability – you can learn about their process and work from reading their manhwa comics.

Manhwa Comics You Must Definitely Read

Manhwa comics are a unique form of comics that are influenced by Korean culture and mythology. They are often very complex and detailed, and they can be very engrossing reads.

If you’re interested in reading manhwa comics, there are a few that you should definitely check out. One of the best is “Queen’s Blade” by Hiroaki Samura. This series is about a young woman named Ceara who is trying to find her place in the world. It is an extremely well-drawn and exciting series that will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

Another great manhwa series is “Black Butler” by Yana Toboso. This series follows the story of Sebastian Michaelis, a Butler who is forced to work for the devil. It is an extremely dark and atmospheric series that will leave you with a lot to think about.

My Love From The Star

If you’re a fan of Korean dramas, then you must read My Love From The Star. This manhwa is based off of the popular Korean drama and tells the story of a young couple who struggle to find their place in the world.

My Love From The Star is an emotional read that will leave you feeling all sorts of emotions. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll probably even learn a thing or two about relationships.

If you’re a fan of Korean dramas or comics in general, then you should definitely read My Love From The Star. It’s an excellent way to escape reality for a little while and enjoy a well-written story.

Attack on Titan

One of the most popular manhwa comics is Attack on Titan. This manga tells the story of a young woman named Eren Yeager who is forced to fight for his life against giant monsters known as Titans.

Attack on Titan is a dark and violent manga, but it is also highly suspenseful. The scenes in which Eren and his friends fight against the Titans are some of the most suspenseful in all of manga.

If you’re a fan of manhwa comics, then you must definitely read Attack on Titan. It’s one of the best examples of how manga can be used to tell a thrilling story.

Boku no Hero Academia

If you’re a fan of superhero comics, then you need to read Boku no Hero Academia. This series is about a teenage boy who enrolls in a prestigious school for super heroes and becomes the world’s first ever full-time hero.

Boku no Hero Academia is an exciting manga series that will have you on the edge of your seat. The characters are engaging and the plot is exciting. You’ll never be able to put it down. If you’re looking for a superhero manga that is sure to keep you entertained, then Boku no Hero Academia is the series for you.


If you’re a fan of manhwa comics, then you need to check out Glasslip. This manga is based on a Korean online game and follows the lives of two friends as they navigate their way through high school.

While the plot may not be original, the artwork is stunning. The characters are realistically drawn and the scenes are full of color and energy. Glasslip is a great read if you’re looking for something light and fun.

Sunjoong Gun (White Fox)

If you’re looking for a manhwa that is both beautiful and dark, Sunjoong Gun’s White Fox should be at the top of your list. This series is set in ancient Korea and follows the story of a young woman named Hae-jin. Hae-jin is a skilled archer who is forced to flee her home after her father is killed by the king. She joins a band of rebels who are fighting against the monarchy, and she quickly becomes one of their most valuable members.

Sunjoong Gun’s art is simply stunning, and he uses light and shadow to create an eerie atmosphere that perfectly complements the dark themes of the manhwa. If you’re a fan of dark fantasy stories, White Fox is definitely worth checking out.


Goblin is a manhwa published in South Korea in 1998. It was created by Park Yeon-seok and illustrated by Kim Jung-woo.

Goblin is a dark and grotesque tale of revenge that has captivated readers around the world. It follows the story of a goblin named Han who is cursed with a murderous spirit. After being rejected by his fellow goblins, Han seeks out revenge against the human race.

This manhwa is definitely not for the faint of heart. It is filled with violence, gore, and suspense. However, it is also one of the most ambitious and innovative manhwa comics ever written. Goblin is a must-read for any fan of horror stories or dark graphic novels.

Wolf’s Rain

Wolf’s Rain is one of the most popular manhwa comics out there. It is about a young man named Ryūnosuke Akatsuki who is sent to fight in the war against the demon king. Along the way, he meets many others who help him on his journey.

Wolf’s Rain is a well-written and suspenseful manhwa comic. The characters are likable and the story is exciting. If you are a fan of action and adventure, then Wolf’s Rain is definitely worth reading.

Infinite Stratos 2nd Season

Infinite Stratos 2nd Season

You NEED to read Infinite Stratos 2nd Season! It’s the continuation of the story of trillionaire and genius scientist, Infinite Stratos‘ Ichika Orimura and his oddball team of pilots. The series follows the dramatic fight between Earth and Mars for control over the Zero Point Energy – a source of unlimited power that could change the balance of power in the world.

The second season picks up right where the first left off, with Ichika and his team barely able to hold on against their powerful enemies. If you haven’t read Infinite Stratos yet, now is the time to start! The series is highly rated by fans, so you know it is worth your time.

House of Blue Leaves (Yoon Ha Lee)

House of Blue Leaves is one of the most beautifully written manhwa comics available today. It tells the story of a woman named Hana who is struggling to come to terms with her past. Hana is haunted by her father’s death, and she doesn’t know how to move on.

But then she meets a man named Jinsung, and everything changes. Jinsung is from a different world, one where the gods still exist. He introduces Hana to this world, and she quickly falls in love with it.

House of Blue Leaves is a heart-wrenching story about loss and redemption. Yoon Ha Lee crafts each page with such skill that you can’t help but be pulled into the story. If you’re looking for a beautiful and powerful manhwa comic, House of Blue Leaves should definitely be on your list.

Black Clover

If you’re looking for a manga that’s full of action and adventure, then you should definitely check out Black Clover. This manga is set in the world of magic and features a protagonist named Asta who is determined to become the best wizard possible.

Black Clover is one of the most popular manhwa comics in Korea and has won several awards, including the prestigious Seoul International Manga Award. It’s also been licensed for an anime series that will be released in 2018. If you’re a fan of manga and are looking for something fun to read, then you should definitely give Black Clover a try.

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