All you need to know about the Xbox 36o Jailbreak

You want an Xbox 360 jailbreak. But you need to figure out if you can do it right. One thing that comes to mind is that you have tried all the games, mods, and softwares in your Xbox 360. Now you become turned off just by thinking of playing those games again. So you decide to jailbreak your Xbox 360 to get access to all the third-party apps, mods, and softwares that are not accessible in your console. But you need to know if you are doing it right and what if something goes wrong.

You should be aware that the Xbox 360 is a Microsoft product and has significantly increased competition for PlayStation gaming consoles. Secondly, all of the Xbox 360 consoles are compatible with jailbreak. Now you need to know what jailbreak is. Jailbreak is removing restrictions set by the manufacturer in the device and accessing third-party apps and softwares that were previously unavailable in the device. 

What do you need to jailbreak Xbox 360?

You only require three things to jailbreak the Xbox 360, and you’ll be able to install all the games you couldn’t earlier.

  1. Xbox 360 console
  2. A jailbreaking software
  3. USB flash drive with almost 2 GB of free space

A verified and trusted jailbreaking software is necessary for a successfully jailbreaking your Xbox 360. Because once you jailbreak your console, you can not claim its warranty anymore, and the console can not be fixed if it stops working. So being detail-oriented is your way to avoid any mistakes.

How to get Xbox 360 Jailbreak

You must follow nine simple steps to jailbreak Xbox 360 and have hands-on experience using a new Xbox 360 model without wasting money getting a new one.

1. Update your Xbox

Before beginning the process of jailbreaking, you need to update your Xbox 360 console to the latest system software available.

2. Confirm the age of your console

Now you need to know the age of your console and note it on your phone or a paper. You can find the manufacturing date, serial number, and product ID on the back of your console near the AV port.

3. Download a jailbreaking software

The third step is downloading reliable jailbreaking software from an authentic website on your PC. Click on the zip file and extract its content. One authentic website for downloading jailbreaking software for Xbox 360 is roadskybird.

4. Rename the file

Once the file is downloaded, go into the File Manager of your PC and create a new folder and name it ‘System Update.’ Once you are done doing that, move the downloaded file to the ‘System Update’ folder.

5. Insert the USB flash drive

The fifth step is to insert the USB flash drive into your computer and move the downloaded file into the USB drive.

6. Connect the USB drive to the port

In this step, you must connect the USB drive to the USB port of the Xbox 360 console. 

7. Update via external storage

After connecting the USB to the Xbox 360, click the settings option and go into system settings. Then you need to click on update via external storage. The update will take 15 minutes approx, and then restart the console.

8. Complete the setup process

You must complete the setup by clicking on the Offline System Update option.

9. All Done

After following all the previous steps, you are done, and you have your Xbox 360 jailbreak ready to use. You can now install and play all the games you were unable to before and enjoy the experience of using an all-new Xbox 360 console. 

Pros of Xbox 360 jailbreak

If you are sick of playing the same old games on your Xbox 360, then you would love to hear about the advantages of Xbox 360 jailbreak. The jailbreak will allow you to install and play all the games that Microsoft didn’t include in the console. The jailbreak allows you to update your device to the latest version and unlock the full potential of the Xbox 360.

Cons of Jailbreaking Xbox 360

Everything comes with pros and cons. Like that, jailbreaking Xbox 360 also has some cons you should know about. The first thing to remember is that jailbreaking is considered an illegal activity and can harm your device. The second and most important thing is that you can not claim the console’s warranty once you jailbreak it.


We have discussed jailbreaking and the process of a successful Xbox 360 jailbreak. Following the steps above will lead you to a jailbroken Xbox 360 using a USB drive. You will be able to have access to all the third-party apps and softwares you like. Of course, jailbreaking has pros and cons, but it’s a very simple process. Once you jailbreak Xbox 360, you can not undo it or claim its warranty. It is always advised to research and find reliable software for a fruitful Xbox 360 jailbreak.

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