Wooden Outdoor Furniture — which wood to choose

wooden outdoor furniture

Wood is a living material that evolves according to several criteria: its essence, quality, and maintenance. Some are very popular for making wooden outdoor furniture because of their ability to withstand the vagaries of nature. We explain everything below.

Teak Wooden outdoor furniture:

Teak is an exotic tree that only grows in regions near the Equator. It is heavy and hardwood that resists excess humidity followed by the effects of drying. It contains a large amount of oil, protecting it and preventing it from rotting. This protection is also valid against insects, certain diseases, and fungi. We, therefore, quickly understand why it is popular for outdoor furniture.

 Teak wood also has qualities of flexibility that allow it not to split or deform when worked. It resists the onslaught of time and retains its invaluable qualities! Finally, it is the only wood that does not promote the development of rust and corrosion when in contact with oxadiazole metals.

Eucalyptus furniture:

 The eucalyptus is a tree represented by more than 600 different species, most of which are found in Australia or Tasmania and whose particularity is to produce oil.

  Eucalyptus is used to make furniture specially designed for the garden, especially outdoor tables, indoor furniture, and outdoor facilities. Eucalyptus does not require any special attention: annual maintenance with oil will be enough to enhance and protect your furniture.

Rattan furniture:

Rattan is a liana of tropical origin that can reach 400 m in length. Flexible and robust, it withstands temperature changes very well. 

Rattan garden furniture is very trendy today. You will find many rattan furniture: sofas, armchairs, chairs, deck chairs, tables, meridians, sideboards, storage furniture, small furniture, rocking chairs.

 It should be noted that rattan furniture is tinted and varnished. They, therefore, do not require any special maintenance. Clean them with a sponge soaked in detergent or bran water.

Acacia garden furniture

 The acacia is a tree represented by more than 1500 different species, most of which are found in Australia. 

 Acacia is renowned for its very high resistance to bad weather. It is a good alternative to tropical woods. Annual protection with maintenance oil will be enough to enhance and protect your outdoor acacia furniture.

 Wooden furniture in yellow balaua:

 The yellow balaua is a tree represented by more than 500 different species, most found on the Asian continent. Its size distinguishes it: it can reach up to 80 meters high. 

Yellow balaua is a very popular material for the manufacture of outdoor furniture because of its great resistance to climatic hazards. 

 Therefore, this wood is ideal if you live in an area where there are many bad weather conditions, such as the north of France. Annual protection with maintenance oil will be enough to enhance and protect your yellow balaua outdoor furniture.

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