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The importance of training can be seen in all clients of all ages. The way that training and keeping up with a good diet is what allows healthy people to exist and longevity to be noticeable in people. Our female personal trainer Weston, has been around the training world for a very long time. She has been able to teach her clients the importance of consistency and clients look up to her. Her physique has changed throughout the years but one thing that remains constant is the way she always trains and keeps a correct diet.

This is what she tells her clients is the secret to keeping and maintaining both a good body and a healthy mind and body. The personal trainer Weston that we hire has to remember that health is the most important factor that guides our training. Without health there is nothing and we take a healthy body more than just a good body. This is the reason that we combine a nutrition program, supplement program, a harmonize optimization program and a training program all in one. As we have studied our results for the last years we came to the realization that all those working together is the key to success in the health world. 

The Key to a Healthy Body

When we asked our female personal trainer Weston what her ideal way to train a healthy body was she told us the key to all training is the mind. We can train our mind to do whatever we want it to do, feel whatever it is we want to feel. She has told us that when she trains her clients she first has to train their brain in order to think correctly and healthy. Instead of thinking how little you are eating she would tell her clients to get excited about the food they were taking in rather than focusing on the amounts. She also said that when many clients start getting bored of “diet food,” she starts telling them how not to look at it as a diet but as eating healthy.

We as dietitians cannot enforce a strict diet that is not achievable, Elite personal trainer fort lauderdale we do is that we train the body to intake the food that is good for us and feels good. If a hamburger with extra crispy bacon makes you feel bad, why would that be your choice of comfort food? Instead we focus on creating a healthy balance, where treats as sweets and the occasional indulgence won’t keep the client off track. This is also aided by the amount of exercise that the person does. If the person is eating healthy most of the times and keeping track of the food that they are eating, a chocolate or a sweet treat won’t derail this process. As everything it is all about balance and moderation. It is about really studying your mind and body to see how you react to certain foods and eliminating those that cause you harm in the way that they make you feel bad. 

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