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Park View City

Vision Group’s Park View City is the lodging society that is a long time in front of the multitude of ventures in the country. It has filled hugely in prevalence over the most recent three years, offering private plots, business plots, private estates, and pads in Islamabad. The brilliant private complex offers a-list conveniences, including administrations that are being presented without precedent for the country. The wonder of the lodging society is perceptible from the 200 broad principal avenue, broad street organization, tremendous green spaces and parks, and subsurface wiring and associations with keep up with the style of the undertaking. The first issue that emerges in quite a while of financial backers is in the event that all of the buzz in the land investment area about this adventure is genuinely worth placing your well deserved cash in, or on the other hand on the off chance that it is essentially splendid showcasing by the engineers. Here is the response, as well as five reasons supporting the response about investment in Park View City!

Park View City Islamabad is one of the most mind-blowing investment choices that anyone could hope to find in Pakistan. The best 5 reasons are:

Park View City Islamabad Location

So many lodging social orders guarantee to be situated in Islamabad however they are either in Rawalpindi or in suburbia of Islamabad city. Park View City Islamabad’s location really lies in domains of Federal Capital making it among a not many social orders that are situated in the city.

Park View City is situated on Malot Road, 15 (fifteen) minutes from the Kashmir Highway (accepting Serena Hotel as the reference point).

The general public’s 200-foot primary street is just a 15-20-minute drive away through Murree street from both the Kashmir Highway and the Islamabad Expressway while the Blue Area is just 20-25 minutes far off making it very much arranged for both business and private purposes. While the general public is adequately near the city place and effectively available, Park View City’s location is additionally directly before the heavenly scene of Bani Gala and beautiful slopes and mountains are noticeable from each mark of the general public.

NOC Status

Park View City has been lawfully supported by the Capital Development Authority and has gotten a No Objection Certificate (NOC), which is a requirement for any lodging project in Islamabad; in any case, the venture becomes unlawful, bringing on some issues for the two financial backers and proprietors. CDA has full position to wreck the unlawful tasks which implies that all the investment goes down the channel.

Plot classes

Park View City plots available to be purchased are accessible in various classifications in various blocks, with different size choices and cost varieties. Come what may kind of property you are searching for in Islamabad City, you can think that it is here.


5 Marla Residential Plots are accessible in A, B, F, J, and K Blocks

8 Marla Residential Plots are accessible in J Block

10 Marla Residential Plots are accessible in A, B, F, H, and I Blocks

1 Kanal Residential Plots are accessible in B, C, E, F, N, and M Blocks

2 Kanal Residential Plots are accessible in D and P Blocks

6 Marla and 8 Marla business plots are additionally accessible in these blocks.

Park View City Islamabad installment plan

For the simplicity of financial backers, the proprietors and designers have sent off a splendid Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan. This installment plan is to work with each financial backer regardless of anything else their monetary foundation is. It divides every one of the installments into various installments and portions due after a sensible chance to forestall a monetary weight on the pockets of the financial backers. Costs fluctuate contingent on the sort of plot, block, and size of the plot however the general Park View City Islamabad installment plan is:

25% initial installment

4 quarterly portions

Enrollment expenses of a couple thousand

Balance installment at the hour of ownership

The speed of Development and Plot Possessions

Park View City’s development is pushing ahead rapidly. Blocks An and B have proactively been based on and ownership has been given. Likewise, lodging advancement in these blocks has previously started.

Other blocks’ street organizations and comparative frameworks are in like manner being worked at a very fast rate. The large mosque is additionally a work in progress. Pivotal functions for all significant frameworks have proactively occurred and presently the development is in progress. The task will be laid out according to the all-inclusive strategy in the following 2-to 3 years and will begin furnishing occupants with each office that is arranged. Potential financial backers can likewise visit the site to observe the advancement interaction without help from anyone else.

Final Words:

Capital Smart City Islamabad plots available to be purchased are a commendable investment prospect definitely. To book plots in the general public, reach us; we are a sound land organization and platinum deals accomplice of Park View City Islamabad.

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