Why Structure and Routine Are Important in Recovery

Structure is essential for the well-being of a person going through recovery. The ability to have a recovery or structure to follow can make the difference between success or failure due to a number of factors, all having to do with the absence of a “norm” to follow. So, just how important are structure and routine for your recovery? Consider the ways that they help you below (and what can happen without them). 

An Example of Structure and Routine

Before diving into the structure of the way can improve your life, first consider what this actually looks like. It’s not some scary tight regime, though it can be if that’s what you require for success. Instead, it can be as simple as understanding the things that need to be done and structuring your day around them. 

An example of this can include: 

  • Waking up from a minimum of seven hours of sleep for an adult and longer for children or seniors. 
  • Cooking and eating healthy, filling meals throughout the day. 
  • Finishing work or studying for a certain amount of time
  • Meditating or exercising – both can be combined with easy-going yoga or relaxing walks. 
  • Maintaining the home via picking up and tidying. Simple things like making the bed can make a huge difference in your mental well-being, including the clarity needed to stay on track. 
  • Making time for the things you love, like crafts and hobbies that bring joy. Without taking some time for you, it’s easy to become over-stimulated and struggle to remain on the path of sobriety. 

1. Creating Your New Normal 

Addiction recovery is difficult. The process is draining, and it completely overhauls your “old” life. In seeking sobriety, you can usually expect to find new hobbies and new friends and redesign what was once normal to you. 

Within this, establishing your normal requires a heavy emphasis on structure and routine. Without these elements, you may default on your new journey and find it harder to maintain sobriety. Change can be scary, but creating a rigid routine allows you to feel safe in your new life. 

This is something that many learn if they work through a recovery program such as Hollywood Hills Recovery

2. Elevating Mental Health 

Humans crave order. They crave familiarity. Without these, a person can have a significant decline in their mental health. Not only will structure help to reduce chaos in your life day-to-day, by reminding you to care for the things that matter, but it can also remind you to do the things you love. 

The average person struggles to find a work-life balance that brings them joy or may even suffer from indulging in things they love too much, neglecting others that matter. To maintain a level, equal structure, these are the things that matter. 

3. Practicing Self Control

Sobriety requires a great deal of self-control. The ability to decide what you you indulge in and what you say no to is crucial for sobriety success. 

Maintaining a routine is a form of self-control as it requires you to say yes and no in order to adhere to the things that matter. This is a great skill to have and exercise in order to enforce your ability to practice self-control. 

4. Maintaining Balance

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when our day-to-day schedule tips one way or the other. This is not ideal, given that stress is a common factor for relapse and can jeopardize all you’ve worked for simply because you’re out of balance. 

A routine can help you keep your wants and needs paramount and with a happy balance that promotes your well-being. Balance is incorporated into every aspect of your well-being and will help to improve mental health and lower the inclination to break sobriety. 

5. Sleep Makes All the Difference

Parents and teachers stress sleep for a good reason; it’s crucial. When we sleep, our bodies are able to relax and recover from the day. If you work out, your body will repair its muscles during sleep. 

If you’ve made a single memory or have a single thought to be processed, your body will do it thoroughly while you’re sleeping. If you build enough of a rest window into your days, you can help to ensure that your body is ready for the next day ahead. 


Structure and routine have a number of benefits for the average human and even more for those trying to stick to their sobriety. Not only can the structure keep you in check and keep your days balanced and manageable, but it can also make life a little more enjoyable, helping to keep stress and triggers at bay. 

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