Why Should You Go for AO Smith Water Purifier? Pros and Cons of IT

Why Should You Go for AO Smith Water Purifier

While the declining water quality in India makes it mandatory to have good quality water purifiers at home to stay away from such dangerous water-borne diseases. A water purifier does not only act as a filter but will also improve your health and boosts your immunity by rendering squeaky clean water-rich in minerals and fibres. 

Among the all-other established brands in the market, you need to pick out the one that works best which is none other than the AO Smith water purifier. To give you an in-depth insight into this brand, we have mentioned the top reasons why you should go for AO Smith water purifiers, by stating their pros and cons. Keep reading to know more!

Why should you go for AO Smith Water Purifier? 


  • Global presence 

One of the foremost reasons to recommend the brand of AO Smith water purifier is that it has a standard global presence. This established brand has its branches around the world and is a leading producer of water refineries like water purifier and water heaters. They have been in the market for more than 145 years and have a solid brand quality and first-class customer service record. 

  • Innovative features 

Using their global standards and the leverage of access to world-class components, the brand did not fail to bring innovation into its products. Each and every model of their water purifier comes with unique and innovative features like Blue Diamond glass lining, glass-coated heating element, energy-efficient insulation, and multiple color options. It is quite appealing to look at. 

  • Gained UV patents 

Being one of the forerunners and pioneers in the field of water processing, the brand has earned expertise by employing advanced technologies in the water purifier. The organization was quick to give mineralized high temp water purifiers and made a benchmark in the business. Licensed side stream RO film is a clever innovation made by the AO Smith water purifier. The twofold security with the Silver Charged Membrane Technology (SCMT) forestalls any potential auxiliary microbial defilement post RO filtration. The high wattage UV lights kill microorganisms effectively.

  • Highest Customer Rating 

For every brand to establish their quality, performance, and authenticity the customer base and their satisfaction is very important. The same goes with the AO Smith water purifier brand also. And in India, customer rating is a very instrumental one for business to thrive and the brand is no short in India. In Amazon, this brand has gained the highest rating over all other water purifier brands which states its quality. The cumulative customer rating is found to be more than 4.2 stars.  

  • Eco-friendly

Compared to all other brands available in the Indian market the water purifier brand of AO Smith is more inclusive of eco-friendly and sustainable living. It is infused with advanced Recovery technology to save more than 55% of the water used which might not be found in other brands. 


  • High Priced 

The only take with the AO Smith water purifier brand is that it is quiet on the costly side and many preferential customers may find it difficult to fit it within their budget. Although the money you spent on it is justified in terms of better and long-lasting performance. 

  • Requires separate place 

Since the brand is so top-notch, all the water purifier models of AO Smith are designed in an exclusive manner and none is tiny or can be placed on small shelves. It is designed in water to enhance the aesthetics of your house and hence it requires a separate place to flaunt its style and design. 

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