Why Kraft boxes are becoming popular than other boxes?

kraft boxes

Introduction to Kraft material

Kraft material has made from wood, which is a natural resource. However, wood has known as a renewable resource and a high tendency for recyclability. In addition, the paper-made Kraft involves several processes. Which includes converting the wood into pulp. Although woods contain two structural components that are cellulose and lignin. The lignin component has removed from the cellulose initially, as it does not help in making the paper. This process has done through cooking. This leaves the wood pulp, which is sifted to remove large chunks before turning it into different types of paper. The Kraft process differs from traditional wood pulp processes in that it removes more lignin and leaves more cellulose, which is stronger than lignin. And therefore produces stronger paper than any other paper. As a result, the word Kraft (German for “strength”) has used. In this article, we shall discuss the popularity behind the Kraft boxes. In this article, we differentiate Kraft material from the rest of the packaging material available on the market.

The cost-effective way to pack your essentials

The primary reason for packing into the Kraft boxes is that to protect the goods from damage. For a small business, PR matters a lot. If the goods have not packed well, then they might not attract buyers. To make buyers your loyal customers, you need to focus on the outer look of the goods. Bakery products, cosmetics, and other retail items need attractive boxes like custom packaging boxes. Which can make them beautiful in the eyes of the buyers. Similarly, packaging must be of low pricing. If the packaging does not meet the budget of the company. Then they would switch to other packaging materials. So keeping them hooked, it is essential to keep the prices low of the Kraft material.

The reason behind why the Kraft material is cheaper is that it does not require any printing procedure and coloring. Different brands prefer these boxes as they have liked by their targeted audience. Additionally, they tend to provide a shield to the goods on a low budget. As not, all the brands have an extensive budget for the packaging.

Provide convenience and safety to the goods

The best thing about custom Kraft boxes is that it provides the ultimate strength to the goods. Likewise, Kraft boxes wholesale are made of high-quality Kraft paper that will make your product look durable and sturdy. For packaging and storage, these boxes are available in various designs. They have used for a variety of purposes and have many functions. Like the assembling is extremely simple. If you do not need the box you can easily fold it back.

Further, they are extremely durable and offer excellent shipping strength, allowing items to be safely packaged and stored for a long time. This box is primarily brown to give your high-end products a natural look. This box is enough to meet your most important personal or business needs. However, these boxes provide resistant to heat and humidity, able to withstand extreme temperatures and environmental hazards. Meanwhile, these boxes contain jars with candles, cups, jewelry, and cosmetics. As a result, these boxes are reliable for on-time delivery and long-term delivery and storage. The primary objective of using Kraft boxes wholesale is to provide a shield to the goods packed in. If the packaging does not provide security to the goods then it is not recommended.

kraft boxes wholesale

Why do people use custom Kraft boxes for packing?

People like the texture of Kraft material more than any other material. Most of the retail industry uses these boxes to pack their products. It gives them a more attractive look and strength. Further, every business owner knows the importance of packaging to grow in the industry. It is really difficult to excel without making your product attractive to the customers. Also, the customers appreciate those brands which meet their expectations and can deliver quality goods. Not only in retail packaging, but Kraft is also helpful in shipping the products. The shipping procedure becomes easy and smooth with the facility of sturdy boxes, especially when the material is strong.

Another reason behind the popularity of Kraft material is that they do not go through the long process of bleaching. The bleaching decreases the strength of the material and makes them less durable. The more natural the material remains the more strength it holds. Although the manufacturing cost is high the quality is better than many other materials of packaging. It also has sustainability, you can reuse the boxes or fold them back and store them for a long time. The appealing shapes and design of custom Kraft boxes make them eye-catching to the stakeholders. You can ship fragile items easily, it is because multiple layering has done in the boxes.


As the world moves toward sophisticated refined products, it is important to use non – polluting packaging materials such as Kraft boxes. Kraft paper is a packaging material that can widely recycle. The power box is uniquely made of wood, which makes it environmentally friendly and at the same time reduces production costs. By using the Kraft box, you have the most economical custom packaging boxes. The eco-friendly packaging will be very customer-friendly, which saves costs. In addition, you can save your time by not worrying about getting the goods damaged while shipping.

Therefore, the main advantage of Kraft paper is that it is a durable packaging material and easy to handle. The Kraft box is a highly recommended type of packaging as it can withstand the handling and storage of materials or products in it. Another strong reason to use this box for shipping and retail is its extreme durability. With a wide range of coating and printing options, this high-quality, strong and durable, rigid box provides your products with highly secure packaging. Since this box has made of pine, it can hold the product securely and provide a strong and durable barrier.

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