Why Is My Numb Vagina So Common?

numb vagina

A numbing of the vagina is not an indication that you are in pain. You are still a woman. It does however reflect your relationship with womanhood. It also shows society’s attitude toward female sexuality. The acceptance and exploration of female pleasure is an emerging phenomenon.

Clitoris feels numb can be attributed to social conditioning that reduces a woman’s sexuality. Rape culture does not help. The news about physical assaults on women is frequently reported and the female bodies seem to be continually under threat. It’s not hard for a woman to abandon her sexuality. But the pelvic floors are where she has her power. It’s also her place of pleasure.

How to Spot Numbness in the Vagina?

Move around the entire vagina, one point at a time, and test for sensation.

It is not always easy to reach all parts without help. To access the deeper areas of the vagina you will need to enlist help from a partner.

A professional therapist who practices yoni can help you pinpoint any areas that are numb in your vagina.

Learn How to Map Your Numb Vagina

It is important to first map the parts of your vagina that are affected by numbness.

By simply touching every point in your vagina, you will stimulate your brain to create a better connection between the nerves and the vagina.

Let’s Begin To Heal the Numb Regions Once You Have Identified Them

Remember, numbness in the pelvis is a sign of something. Be gentle with your body and allow it to unwind at its pace. It’s critical to focus on them and not dismiss them. Begin with a Self-Yoni Massage. This involves gently pressing the numbing areas with a dildo. The first level of de-armoring is called “Numbness”, and it can quickly turn into pain. However, pain can transform into pleasure if the patient remains present.

Take note: Pushing for immediate results is most likely counterproductive.

1. Examine Your Sexual Programming

The majority of us have negative views about sexuality. Subconscious beliefs like sexual pleasure are not good, sexuality can be evil or harmful, and even sexual desire can lead to subconscious suppression of sensation in the vagina.

2. Review Your Sexual Habits

Have you ever loved your “inner child”, or have you pushed yourself to do things that you don’t wish to? Did you ever allow your partners to access you before you were ready? You have used artificial lubricants to facilitate sex in situations when your body wasn’t ready. Has your body been victim to abuse or brutality? Do you ever have sex in order to feel connected emotionally? Any of these behaviors can lead you to a numb or irritated vagina.

3. Make Time to Practice Alone

Your sexuality is in the first place a relationship between you. Your sexual pleasure has one purpose: to bring you closer to your heart. It can be very therapeutic to make a commitment to spend half an hour per day or an hour every other day to get in touch with your soul and do only what you feel like doing. It is not a goal-oriented exercise. Don’t try and orgasm or feel any sensation.

4. Look for Supportive Sexual Partners

Inpatient, selfish, or goal-oriented sexual partners can create tension and stress. A sensitive, caring, and gentle partner is a good choice. They will give you all the time you need and enjoy exploring your body.

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