Why is Langtang popular?

Langtang, Nepal

Langtang valley, without any doubt, is the most beautiful valley in the world. This magical valley comprises geographically challenging snowy mountains, relaxing waterfalls, never-stopping rivers, calming forests, and all the necessary ingredients required for enthusiasts to explore strange sites. Just think about camping your tent in the peak of snowy-covered greeny mountains and waking up with a morning alarm of chirping noise of Spiny Babler and drinking fresh yak-milk tea is feeling of out of the world.

The spectacular views of childish sun kissing the diamond-like shining Himalayas are just magical. Langtang gets decorated with red Rhododendron in the spring season and beautiful snow in the winter season. To experience a lifetime remembering trekking adventure, Langtang is the destination you’re looking for.

The duration of the trek is practically fourteen to fifteen days which provides a great advantage to the time savers. Within a short interval of time, you will experience the adventure of a lifetime.

The beginning altitude of Langtang valley is just 1,500m beside the road at Syaphru Besi, disappearing up a narrow, forested gorge that ends at the height of 4983m. Langtang valley trekking is typically known as the valley of glaciers as it is the nearest destination for massive snow-capped mountains and beautiful glaciers.

How can you reach here?

Langtang valley is located in the north-central Himalayas in Province no three, i.e., Bagmati Province, just fifty-one kilometers north of the Kathmandu valley. The Langtang region also coincides with the Tibetan border, which is responsible for the influence of Tibetan culture over there. From Kathmandu, the distance looks a lot easier but going on a road trip generally takes five and half hours to reach Sybrebeshi.

Enjoying breath-taking landscapes inside a reserved Jeep starting the journey from the capital, we head our destination covering Trisuli Bazar, Dhunche to Sybrebeshi. A general road trip covers 141 km from Kathmandu to Sybrebeshi. The journey may get obstructed due to landslide that often takes place in Dhunche.

The beginning of the Langtang Valley Trek

Langtang valley trek starts with a ray of perfect sunshine and a clear blue sky from Sybrebeshi. The excitement level for exploring the great Himalayas will eventually boost in no time. We head towards our destination, crossing a suspension bridge of the Trisuli River, enjoying nature’s beautiful creation.

Our journey begins covering dense forest and enjoying the beautiful Langtang Khola river exploring a relaxing waterfall in Domen. Having a fantastic tea, we hike for the next forty-five minutes to reach Pairo, where we experience fresh sour in a natural hot spring. The feeling of walking just 3 feet above the Langtang Khola river is adventurous.

In this fantastic journey to The Langtang valley, you will forget all your past and future and focus on the beauty of the great Himalayas smiling at you. Your inner hunger to witness the next coming hills and mountains will not let you go back home. The indescribable art of nature will take you to the world of happiness and satisfaction.

14 Days of Hiking

These fourteen days include the journey from Sybrebeshi hiking along the edge of The Lantang Khola river. From Syabrubesi, we follow the Langtang River to the east unless we reach Kyangin Gompa at an altitude of 3,049 meters. The first day of trekking ends in the Lama hotel, 11 km from Sybrebeshi, at 2420 m. On day 2 of the expedition, our excitement goes beyond the imagination hiking along Langtang Valley.

Playing hide and seek with nature, we head towards Riverside at the altitude of 2769 meters crossing the astonishing Rhododendron forest. We fill up our water bottle with mineral-rich Himalayan spring water without any hesitation. On the same route, we will see other international trekkers taking the joy of nature.

The scenery of beautiful greeny hills overshadowed by spectacular snowy mountains in a single frame will make your day. The feeling of positive energy will kill your hunger, making you lost in the beauty of nature. This trek is the perfect introduction for representing the beauty of Nepal. You need to be careful in the routes as this is a risky landslide area. Struggling against the extreme creation of nature, we finally will reach Ghoda Tabela from a beautiful view of Langtang Valley.

The landscapes drastically change with altitude. The minds blogging series of massive greeny mountains surround the vast Langtang village in a clear blue shining sky.

The trek follows us with a view of a sad incident that destroyed the entire Langtang village due to the devastating earthquake of 2015. The heartbreaking avalanche resulted in the death of more than 300 villagers. We can see a substantial white cracked rock and a crater where the previous Langtang village existed and an old suspension bridge destroyed by the tragic calamities.

The incident reminds us how small and vulnerable we are in front of this vast nature. We cross the avalanche very carefully towards the beautiful newly built Langtang village. The reformation of Langtang village motivates you no matter how many times you’ve fallen; your dedication and hard work will lead you to your destination. We walk nearby Buddhist stones, which are spelled the create a positive vibe for the visitors. We will be lucky to take blessings from different Buddhist Stupas and monasteries on the way.

In Langtang valley, we will get excellent accommodation facilities in Tea houses. We will also drink fresh yak-milk tea here, witnessing beautiful white peaks around the valley. As we pass through the village, we will observe a series of white snowy mountains that expands our eagerness to climb. It is a heaven-like feeling to witness such beauty with naked eyes.

Best season to explore Langtang Valley

Trekking Langtang in any season won’t be easier anymore. Autumn is the best time for hiking around this beautiful hill. This season includes the months of September, October, November, and mid-December, where the weather will remain warm and stable.

However, for a true enthusiast, winter is the challenging season with the freezing temperature that invites death. It would be the hardest possible to reach the destination as the weather becomes critical. In the spring season, red Rhododendron may ask you most effortlessly.

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