Why choose Hotel Management after 12th

Hotel Management

After the 12th, it’s a big question in students’ minds what will be the correct career option? Should they choose a traditional career (like Medical, Engineering) or professional skill-based courses like Hotel Management, Designing, etc.? As India is the largest country with a significant workforce, the government empathises with skill development, and there are a lot of career opportunities in the Hospitality sector.  

Being one of the fastest-growing sectors and a career option that works on the concept of, for the people, by the people, lots of students choose Hotel Management as a career, and they are very successful today. After enrolling in the Hotel Management course, students will focus on skill development in different verticals of hotels. Be whatever the talent student has, and wherever aptitude lies, a section of the hotel can utilise students’ talent and build their dream careers. 

A degree in Hotel Management is a three-year course where every student gets an opportunity to work in 5 star hotels for six months as an Intern in the second year. This course enables the students to earn while they learn, and most of the students are placed much before they complete their course. Students can even fast track their career by being selected for Management Trainee after completing the degree programme. 

There are four significant verticals (Front Office, Housekeeping, Food production, Food & Beverage Service) in the Hotel Management course. Students can build up their careers in any of these fields. It’s a career with endless growth opportunities; even hotel management students can build their careers in Sales and Marketing, Hospitals, Airlines, Ships, tours & travel, cruise, or any service industry firm and can even start their own business with the skills acquired.

Hotel Management gives a glamorous career opportunity as this is an internationally accepted course. Students can see that by being employed in India and Abroad, you can be in the best of the best environment. You will get the opportunity to meet your dream role models and stars with the option to travel the world in a great work environment. 

Many people opt for this career option inspired by Celebrity Chefs (Like Chef Pankaj Bhadouria and Chef Vikas Khanna) and Celebrity Bartenders (like Ms Dhanashree Punekar and Ms Priyanka), and this course will enable the students to achieve many milestones in your personal and professional life. To achieve these, you have to be focused, creative and dedicated.

A well-qualified and experienced Hotel Management professional will have an unmatched rewarding career and facilities for themselves and their family. So this course not only gives you job opportunities but a long-lasting career with a stable income.

UEI Global is India’s Leading Hotel Management Institute in Pune with 9 campuses in India and helps bridge the gap in the skilled workforce in the Hospitality Industry. The course curriculum is designed by the best in the world and demanded all across the globe. UEI Global emphasises ACE- Advance Communication for Employment, where the institute trains the students in commination skills, personality development and grooming standards. 

UEI Global has been awarded as “Top Hotel Management Institute of India” by CSR consecutively for the last 14 years. 

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