Which Type of Material Do We Use For Holographic Boxes?

why holographic packaging is important

There are several different designs, sizes, and shapes available for these boxes. They consist of the same material as other boxes. However, holographic sheets give ordinary boxes a finished look. In the case of gift boxes, you can add ribbons, glass windows, or other embellishments. Polyethylene and polyester are the materials that make up holographic packaging. Various images are combined through micro embossing, transforming normal light into vibrant colors. Having beautiful colors like these makes customers want to buy the product.

Common Materials

The common materials used to make holographic packaging include cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, and Bux Board. By using custom holographic boxes, brands can customize the appearance of their packaging.

Cardboard Material

One good material to start with is cardboard, which is a kind of heavy paper stock. Consumer packaging applications enjoy its thick and relatively durable consistency. Cardboard boxes come in handy when purchasing consumer goods, such as cereals and beauty products. People tend to think of cardboard boxes as durable brown shipping boxes that ship goods, but they’re made from corrugated boards. Cardboard still has many advantages and is best for a wide range of consumer applications, despite its many limitations. Usually, shipping items by mail or using logistics services is not sufficiently complex. As a result, most shipping companies use the corrugated board instead.

Kraft Material

The kraft pulping process makes kraft durable, tear-resistant, and brown. With this material, you can create durable wrapping papers, sturdy cartons, and rigid boxes for packaging branded goods.

Corrugated Material

It is a multilayer material consisting of three layers of kraft paperboard, a particularly thick type of brown cardboard. Two layers of sturdy liner boards form the main body of the box. The middle layer consists of a thin, fluted paper reinforced with air pockets. These boards are highly resistant to impacts and rough handling. When it comes to ensuring that goods reach their destinations safely, corrugated boxes are one of the most cost-effective options. They are suitable for businesses worldwide to ship their products. The versatility of corrugated boards also makes them an attractive option.

Bux Board

The use of bux board boxes has become increasingly popular in packaging materials associated with retailing. Moreover, you can count on this material to deliver excellent quality at a low cost if you have high demands for delivery. This type of board is known for its rugged surface, which has a long-lasting effect and helps provide the product with excellent protection. A variety of Bux board boxes are available to suit your products and give them safety and ease of handling.

How Can Holographic Packaging Benefit You?

Your business’s success depends on the packaging, even though it is the only thing that affects it. Using these custom made holographic boxes comes with several significant benefits mentioned below. For more, you can read a guide to holographic boxes to know more about customization and the benefits of adopting them.

  • The boxes allow you to distinguish your product from the competition.
  • This packaging conveys an important message about what your brand stands for.
  • You may increase your brand recognition among customers through the use of this type of packaging, leading to an increase in brand value.
  • This sort of packaging is perfect for portraying special occasions.
  • These luxury boxes connect things by helping you keep your brand and products relevant.

Why Do People Prefer Holographic Packaging?

 These boxes have a shimmering appearance due to the polygraph sheets present. Thanks to the aesthetics of your containers, your products will stand out from the competition. Due to their custom-made appearance, holographic packaging makes most products look modern. The product will stand out from the shelf with packaging that features holograms and shiny surfaces. This type of packaging can hold many different products.

Holographic Boxes Are Not Like Standard Boxes.

Custom packaging means presenting a product in a manner that matches its needs compared to a regular ready-made package. Clients prefer custom holographic box packaging over generic packaging since it is customized according to the customer’s needs. In this type of packaging, it is important to ensure the product fits right in the box to ensure a positive user experience. Clients can order these boxes in any size, shape, color, or dimension they require.


These boxes provide maximum clarity to the product and make it attractive. A holographic case is a highly requested item in the market nowadays because they have a lot of features. Consequently, the customer receives more features in one package that they would not be able to find in another one. It helps to give the product a fresh look with its bright and stunning appearance. It is also one of the reasons why people get hooked on products that appear attractively.

The products will therefore survive a market that changes frequently. You can see this in terms of taste, appearance, and packaging. Brands that ignore packaging cannot continue to thrive. Furthermore, holographic packaging prevents counterfeiting. Although the competitors can’t copy the product exactly, customers can recognize the product.

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