Which is the most used social site on the Internet?

Which is the most used social site on the Internet?

The Internet has provided the chance for individuals to be able to connect through social networking sites. Nowadays you will find hundreds of them, all available and translated into multiple languages so that people all over the world can access them at ease. If you do not have Comcast’s Xfinity internet connection, then you need to take note of Xfinity internet plans. These internet plans include a variety of choices to meet your browsing needs. With even something as basic as 50Mbps, you can easily surf the web and your favorite social networking sites. If you are a heavy internet user, you will find something faster than 100Mbps, which goes on up to 1.2G speed!

Social networking

Social networking sites are the most popular service available on the internet. It can be used to share information, connect with your loved ones, play games, keep updated on your favorite celebrity, or spread brand or social awareness. Almost everyone in the world has a social media account, and they are all utilizing social media effectively in their ways. Let’s explore how it is so advantageous to the internet users;

  • Social networking sites are helping internet users to reach people from anywhere in the world. As long as they are connected to the internet and have a profile on the social networking site, they can become friends and communicate with them anytime. Internet users access Facebook to reach out to their families and loved ones and also share their interests and feelings. Some use Twitter, which is a micro-blogging platform, to access comedy, current events, and general observations.
  • Before social networking sites existed, people needed access to a landline to call someone or send a letter through the post. But now these types of communication seem obsolete. With social networking sites, internet users can just leave a comment on someone’s page and they will be notified immediately. Social networking can also be accessed through smartphones, instead of booting up your laptop or computer. This provides mobility and you can access the social networking sites outside your homes.
  • Again, before social networking sites came around, people got news from the daily newspaper or television. They had to wait for the newspaper to be delivered or wait some hours for the news show to be aired on their television. Social networking sites changed that. One simple search on social networking sites will help to access the current events with ease. There is even a notification option to stay updated with the news.
  • Law enforcement agencies in the US have stated that social networking helped them to solve crimes much faster. The police department of the US mostly uses social networking sites to investigate local offenses. Some of them have a Twitter handle and internet users could reach out to them there with any complaint much easily. This has also led to numerous prosecutions towards hate crimes.
  • Social networking sites are some very good business opportunities for brands. They can use their social networking presence to connect with current and prospective customers. They can even use their social networking sites to sell their products, which makes it easier to expand the reach of their company. Numerous small businesses and companies are simply striving, thanks to social networking sites.

Most used social sites

Facebook, launched in 2005, was the first-ever social networking site to have reached 1 billion internet users, and it is still growing. With such a large number of internet users, and over 900 million of them accessing Facebook every day, this social networking site is undoubtedly the most used one.

  • Facebook is used by internet users of all ages, whether they are in their early teens or senior. Pew Research showed that 72% of internet users in the US who use Facebook are adults, of which 82% of them are aged around 18 to 29 years. 79% of the internet users in the US who use Facebook are aged between 30 to 40 years and 64% are around 50 to 64 years of age. Among the internet users aged 65 or above, 48% of them use Facebook.
  • Facebook is showing no signs of any decline and internet users cannot help spending a lot of time on this social networking site (nearly 40 minutes per day).
  • Having a Facebook account is important for a brand. Brands can easily target their audience by location, age, gender, interests, and other factors that Facebook users have shared with their social networking profiles.
  • Another benefit of Facebook for brands is that when a consumer views the brand’s ad, it is also viewable to internet users in that consumer’s friends list.
  • The Facebook insight tool lets the marketers track the results of their marketing. They can view detailed information about how customers are engaging with their business on Facebook, such as the number of likes they got on their post, compare it to the number of likes they received in previous posts, etc.

Facebook is the fastest growing social networking site and it has not only given internet users the chance to connect with their loved ones, but also for businesses to look and work towards their growth and enchantment. So much so, that businesses are shifting online, instead of working retail.

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