What Should Be Considered Before Purchasing Assisted Living EMAR Software?

What Should Be Considered Before Purchasing Assisted Living EMAR Software?

Decisions on senior living communities and electronic medical records systems are major decisions requiring extensive research. In addition, you have a wide range of options. You may support a loved one in making a decision about where they want to spend the rest of their lives. Or you can make that decision for yourself.Many websites make it easy for anybody, regardless of their background, to learn about assisted living facilities without having to be a specialist in the industry.

When searching for assisted living emar software, it is necessary to have a handy checklist of questions to ask and elements to look for. However, contract terms and conditions and whether or not apartments include kitchenettes are no longer the sole considerations to be made. The pandemic has brought home to everyone the need for having well-developed technology and communication infrastructure.

The pandemic has caused senior living communities to appreciate the necessity of reliable technology and communication techniques when face-to-face engagement is not feasible. Consider including the following questions about technology on your list of things to look for when you evaluate different assisted living homes.

Obtain information about the employees and the facilities available to you.

Assisted Living is a type of retirement community. There is no need for a larger assisted living facility in this situation. The size of the community’s workforce, as well as employee qualifications, as well as community facilities and services, are all important considerations. Keep note of the number of employees a community has in comparison to the number of residents to keep an eye on the staff-to-resident ratio. If residents are receiving exceptional care and assistance, this statistic indicates whether they are or are not.

In addition, larger communities are more likely to provide top-notch facilities and services to their residents. Typical examples are large organizations that provide a full continuum of care that extends far beyond assisted living facilities. In other words, institutions operate as senior neighborhoods, giving everything they require to live quietly, regardless of their health conditions. As a result, before purchasing assisted living EMAR software for your facility, you must consider all of the factors listed above.

If so, does it work in conjunction with the pharmacy where I have my prescriptions filled?

When it comes to resident care, knowing your way around a pharmacy is essential, especially when it comes to administering medications. There is nothing more frustrating than losing your pharmacist’s confidence and having to search for a new pharmacy that may or may not provide the same level of care that you have grown accustomed to and require overtime.
The process of selecting an eMAR supplier that can connect to your existing pharmacy is not only simple but also eliminates the need to make yet another change during an already substantial shift. If you have more than one drugstore, it is critical that you choose a company that can connect you to them all at the same time.

Is it possible to use assisted living software to plan activities and events for the residents at your facility?


In addition to the availability and diversity of activities given by the assisted living facility, the quality of life for your loved one is greatly influenced by the location of the institution. Although calendar functionality is important in the virtual world of residential care, it is as important in the actual world. What method do they use to notify visitors of last-minute changes in accommodations? What procedures do you use to guarantee that the calendar is available to everyone in the community?
Event monitoring can be done daily, weekly, or monthly using a digital calendar application. They may be categorized and searched for based on the type of activity and the wellness component. It is also quite easy to keep them up to date and share them with family members. Making a digital calendar is only feasible with the assistance of software designed specifically for senior care homes.

It is necessary to examine the software’s features

You must examine the aspects of the program, such as the types of capabilities that it provides, before purchasing it. Making handwritten notes on paper about residents’ routines or medication times is time-consuming and inconvenient. If the assisted living program you are considering provides you this feature, only then should you use it; otherwise, hunt for another option. Furthermore, effective software ensures that you work without errors, and you will be able to avoid medication errors as well.

  • Certifications and accreditations

It’s surprising how many people are unaware that approved elder living software is not needed by federal or state legislation. Only approved senior living software, on the other hand, has demonstrated that it is capable of maintaining or even exceeding a specified level of care. Make sure to ask about the accreditation process as well as any other quality control measures that may exist.

  • Price

This is one of the most important aspects to consider when acquiring software. According to the institution, residents’ capacity to pay influences them to reside in the assisted living home. In accordance with research, “the vast majority of assisted living residents pay for their care out of their own wallets,” including retirement money, long-term care insurance, home equity life insurance, and veterans’ benefits. When it comes to software, you have to consider your inhabitants and their financial circumstances.

So, first and foremost, consult with your provider and compare the pricing of the program with that of other vendors. Then and only then should you consider acquiring assisted living or senior living software.

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