What kind of paper is used to make Kraft paper retail bags?

Everywhere, there is a growing awareness of the importance of environmental protection. As a result, consumers look forward to supporting businesses that offer environmentally friendly products. A wise business owner will avoid becoming overwhelmed by the variety of packaging products available on the market. It is always preferable to use eco-friendly packaging in your store

As you are about to discover, kraft paper makes excellent store packaging. Kraft paper is used to make these versatile custom paper boxes, paper printed boxes, and kraft paper boxes. Because they are made of 90% post-consumer material and 10% post-industrial fibre, they are completely recyclable. In comparison to standard paper, this makes Kraft an ideal packaging solution. Following this, it is critical to comprehend the manufacturing process of Kraft paper.

What exactly is recycled Kraft paper?

Unlike virgin Kraft paper, this type of Kraft paper is both eco-friendly and cost-effective. Recycled Kraft paper has lower tear and burst strength than natural Kraft paper. However, when exposed to moisture and friction, it easily degrades. Recycled Kraft paper is a less expensive option for making shopping bags. It is also used for other purposes, such as:

Liners for boxes

Filler of voids

Dust jackets

Wrappers made of textiles


Sheets for transport

Masking paint

Liners for floor protection

Stuffing and bundling

Bottom newspaper wrap

Underlay paper for garments

Packaging for internal cartons

Using Kraft paper retail bags that have been recycled

Choose a supplier who offers the best Kraft paper retail bags made from recycled materials when it comes to packaging for your store. These are strong and cost-effective retail packaging solutions. Recycled Kraft paper retail bags are available in a variety of sizes and can be customized to meet your specific business requirements. These bags ship flat to save on volumetric shipping costs and have a weight capacity of approximately 4 kilogrammes.

What distinguishes Kraft paper from other papers?

The Kraft paper manufacturing process uses less lignin and a higher Sulphur ratio, making it stronger than regular paper production. The Kraft manufacturing process is free of extensive bleaching, which may reduce the strength of the paper and increase manufacturing costs. Furthermore, Kraft paper uses wood types such as bamboo and resinous pine that are not normally used in the papermaking process.

Because most materials are recovered and reused, Kraft paper production is self-sustaining. Tall oil and turpentine are byproducts of the Kraft paper manufacturing process, which are recycled or used in other manufacturing processes. With increased environmental awareness, Kraft paper is an eco-friendly solution for businesses.

Why should you use recycled Kraft paper retail bags?

Create a brand reputation

Growing environmental consciousness necessitates that brands reflect their contribution to lowering the carbon footprint. This will undoubtedly pique the interest of both potential and current customers. Using Kraft paper retail bags is an innovative way to go green while interacting with customers.

This is because the Kraft paper manufacturing process produces less waste than regular paper or shopping bags. Furthermore, these bags can be made from byproducts, resulting in 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly shopping bags. Because the Kraft paper manufacturing process generates little chemical waste, using shopping bags made from this paper reduces your carbon footprint.

Thickness and strength that are appropriate

Kraft paper shopping bags are sufficiently thick and strong, with a high tear resistance. This is due to the fact that Kraft paper contains highly oriented fibres, making it ideal for packaging a variety of items. Kraft paper shopping bags are lightweight, making them portable and reducing shipping costs. Its toughness, flexibility, and coarse texture protect contents from external damage.

Customizing your paper retail bags

Smart business owners understand the significance of differentiation for market competitors. When selecting paper retail bags, choose Kraft paper retail bags that can be branded with your company’s information. These bags allow you to be as creative as possible. You can personalize your bags with any colour and font you want. In comparison to plastic bags, kraft paper retail bags are more versatile and long-lasting. Branded Kraft paper retail bags appear more sophisticated and professional, giving your store a more upscale appearance.

Option for personalization

Apart from branding Kraft shopping bags to meet your specifications, you can also have them meet in a size of your choice. This is a fantastic way to make your shopping bags stand out in the market. These bags are simple to print on and do not crumple easily, allowing your branding to stand out and be noticed by customers. Furthermore, you can personalize the physical appearance of your Kraft shopping bags by selecting the thickness, size, and shape that best suits your needs.

Finishing up

With the growing awareness of environmental conservation, Kraft paper is here to stay. Because of their durability, customizability, exceptional strength, and environmental friendliness, smart business owners should switch to Kraft paper shopping bags. Fortunately, Kraft paper retail bags are 100% recyclable and can be branded or customized in size or shape to meet your company’s needs.

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