What Is the Adventure Fiction Genre, And How Is It Different from Other Genres?

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Adventure fiction is a sub-genre that features thrilling tales of risky and audacious journeys. Whether published in magazines or books, fictional stories are always imaginative with igneous characters. They form a leading part of children’s fiction. Amazingly, adventurous fiction stories always have captivating themes pitting individual or individuals against other personalities and surroundings.

The story’s leading character, i.e., the hero (protagonist), faces endless challenges and strives hard to survive. Strong actions and chase sequences make Adventure Fiction Books more intriguing as the key objective of such fictional novels is to avoid violence and choose peace.

History of Adventure Fiction Novels

The first adventurous fictional novel was written thousands of years ago. ‘Homer’s Odyssey was known as one famous and initially written fictional story that incorporated all adventurous aspects. The story is worth reading as the hero spends ten years getting home to find his wife. The journey wasn’t simple for him as he bravely encounters all monsters, Perlis, and people but chooses to continue his struggle.

Earlier, there were some limited female writers of the adventure fiction genre. Initially, it was assumed that adventure is not suitable for women, neither are they interested in it. Nevertheless, the idea disappeared with time, and females started showing interest in it.

Nowadays, many famous female writers of adventure fiction stories, including Kate Harris and Gale Straub. You can enjoy their well-written romantic fictional novels to their fullest due to the inclusion of plots, twists, and unexpected storylines.

Key Characters of Adventure Fiction Stories

Interestingly, all the key characters of this genre are simple and experience evolution at some point in their lives. However, the story’s hero always follows some code of conduct and possesses excellent leadership qualities. He fights for justice and sets an example for others.

The bad guys or villains are mostly devious but never get what they want at the end of the story. That’s why; they get desserts because of their wrong intentions. Nevertheless, they are the secondary characters, and the story looks incomplete without them.

Here are some key characters of adventure fiction stories, including.

  • A Protagonist/Leading Character

Generally, the male character leads the fictional story as he faces hurdles courageously. However, children’s adventurous stories have a boy protagonist who thinks and acts smart and resolves every big or small issue in a jiffy. Indeed, heroes of the stories are not perfect as their flaws keep readers hooked and how a hero moves the story forward.

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‘Neo’ in the matrix and ‘Harry Potter in Harry Potter’ are classic examples of the protagonist with some magical realm.

  • A Quest or Journey

There is no concept of adventure without a quest or journey. Adventure fiction novels look tedious without a shadowy journey. But, no denial, there are some other reasons of quest/journey in adventurous stories, i.e., they change the entire personality of a hero, and he becomes a person with time. For instance, Frodo’s journey in the ‘Lord of the Ring’ is more profound and darker but a transformative one that made him strong.

  • Strange Location

Location is always a framework for characters in fictional adventure stories. Such strange locations determine the hero’s struggle and attract readers to read the entire story without getting bored.

Precisely, strange and unusual locations make fictional stories exciting and worth reading.

  • Risk, Action, and Danger

Do you know what makes this genre more popular and unusual than others? Interestingly, the risk and violence encountered by a hero make him stronger and sharper.

There is always a new risk or hurdle for a hero with the story’s progression. It depends on him to quit the journey and spend an ordinary life. But, the hero prefers a challenging life and embraces every new risk and challenge with full courage.

Adventure Fiction Books: An Ideal Choice to Explore Unexpected Journey

Indeed, there are endless good reasons to read fiction books with a pinch of adventure. But people love reading them due to their simplicity and fast pace. The action hardly ever lets up, and the hero is kept in eternal peril. Readers can’t wait to know what happens next and keep on guessing.

So, you must develop this habit of reading fictional novels with adventurous touch as they can make you fearless.

Major Genres

Multiple fictional genres, including spy, fantasy, and science fiction novels, generally overlap with the adventurous ones.

Spy Fiction mainly curtails intrigue and focuses more on exhilarating actions. That’s why; they are primarily known as adventure fiction. Besides, adventurous stories always incorporate realistic and semi-realistic plots that set them apart from the sci-fi world.

The sci-Fi genre is all about imaginative futures and illusions with enchanting practicality or a secondary world setting.

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