What is Glitter Powder, and how to use Glitter eyeshadow?

Glitter Powder

Glitter Powder (glitter), also known as gold and silver flakes, or glitter flakes, is made of precision-cut electroplated materials of different thicknesses with very high brightness. It is madeof PET, PVC, OPP, metallic aluminum, and laser material and can be produced from0.004mmto3.0mm. By galglitter to share more details.

Glitter Powder is available in gold, silver, heptachlor, color, illusion, pearl, fluorescent, bronze, andlaser colors. All colors are coated with a protective layer, which is bright and resistant to mildly corrosive chemicals of climate and temperature.

Main types

PET, PVC Glitter Powder.

The product consists of vacuum metallic polyester plastic film, and its color layer is athermosetting cross-bonded epoxy layer, which can produce a wide range of colors and canbeused on wood, paper, cloth, metal, leather goods, ceramics, and other materials by screenprinting, coating, and spraying. Glitter Powder made of PVC is not resistant to high temperature(60℃) and acid and alkali, while Glitter Powder made of PET is resistant to high temperature(190℃) and acid and alkali.

How about Glitter Powder eyeshadow?

Glitter PowderGlitter Powder eyeshadow palette is a full matte eyeshadow palette with soft powder and high color payoff. It can be used on a daily basis to create a variety of makeup looks, and the performance of the eyes is even better. It’s not particularly fly powder, so it’s recommended that you take a small amount of powder and use it several times, but if you want to play with makeup, you need to match other brighter eyeshadows, and if you need to brightenit up, you should additionally match the color of the sequins.

Glitter PowderGlitter Powder eyeshadow palette is matte?

It is matte, coral peach plate and earth pumpkin plate with a super shiny polarized gold onionsequins, Bling Bling is very eye-catching, macaron plate in the middle of the pearl fine glitter eyeshadow are not white is polarized green, comprehensive eyeshadow painting up a kindof Holographic feeling, this plate eyeshadow in color matching practicality is very strong, you canfreely match a variety of types of eye makeup.

Glitter PowderGlitter Powder eyeshadow palette looks good?

The new Glitter Powder series is a new product, and the eyeshadow palette and blush colors arevery nice every day and they are colors that won’t go wrong, so they are suitable for newbies. The new eyeshadow palette is so fantastic. The gorgeous Glitter Powder and blue-pink color scheme is every girl’s dream. Powder quality is also particularly good. Sequin color is alsoacombination of large sequins and small sequins, very layered. Also galglitter Wholesale‘s nail polish powder is perfect for this scenario

Glitter PowderGlitter Powder eyeshadow palette for beginners?

Glitter PowderGlitter Powder five-color eyeshadow series how beautiful everyone can see. This series, in addition to the macaroon plate, more need to think to draw; the other is very everyday color, earth black tea plate should be the most everyday safe plate, no big sequins, pearl fineflash eyeshadow for newcomers, or the need to eliminate swollen eyelids is very suitable, thedeepest piece of brown It’s great to draw eyeliner very smoothly.

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