What Is Elephant Kratom and Its Types?

What Is Elephant Kratom and Its Types?

The popularity of Kratom is no longer an unknown fact. Due to its potential positive effects, it is being admired by most people. In fact, in the US alone, around 10-16 million people consume kratom leaves or extract, says The American Kratom Association. Albert Garcia Romeu conducted a survey of 2798 people, comprising 61% of women, who took kratom every day. Around 91% of them saw a decrease in their knee, back, and shoulder pain and 65% of them saw a decrease in depression and anxiety.

Kratom is available in several strains, each with its characteristics. The color of the leaf veins and the origin of the plantation determine the numerous strains of Kratom. Elephant Kratom is one of the few varieties of Kratom that has got its name from its leaves that look like elephant ears. Are you a regular Kratom user who has tried a variety of Kratom variations but is still unhappy with the results? Then elephant strain might be ideal for you. But before indulging in it, know the types of this kratom strain, its effects, benefits, and dosage.

Elephant Kratom: Its Origin

Because elephant kratom leaves are substantially bigger than regular kratom leaves, it is said to have a distinct chemical profile with greater levels of alkaloids. That is why experts consider this a powerful kratom variant.

This unique strain is supposed to have originated in Indonesia’s deep, dark jungles of northwest Sumatra. Because of its hot, humid environment, rich fertile soil, and ample rainfall, this location is ideal for growing white elephant kratom. Farming this strain on a wide scale is impossible because of the difficulty of accessing this location. So, you may have to pay extra bucks to get the purest quality. Thus, it is better to find trainwreck kratom for anxiety from various trusted kratom vendors, who offer discounts from time to time.

Types of Elephant Kratom

There are three types of Elephant Kratom which are as follows:

Green Elephant

The finest strain for stimulants is Green Elephant Kratom. It has a strong stimulant effect and a modest euphoric effect. Because of its potent effects, this strain produces a general sensation of well-being.

Red Elephant

Red Elephant Kratom is the best stimulating strain and has a powerful stimulant impact and a mild euphoric effect. This strain induces a widespread sense of well-being due to its powerful effects.

White Elephant

This is the strain to have if you’re depressed or have trouble concentrating. White Elephant is known for its stimulating, energizing, and euphoric properties. With an average onset period of 20-30 minutes, this strain can be ideal for people with modest social anxiety, depression, or a dour mood. White vein elephant has a higher concentration of alkaloids than other strains because of its growing environment and drying procedure.

White elephant kratom is produced by collecting the youngest leaves and drying them in an air-conditioned chamber without light to avoid the breakdown of specific alkaloids. It is naturally an organic product grown by Ayurvedic kratom farmers who do not use chemicals.

Effects of Elephant Kratom

The significant potential advantage of Elephant Kratom is its ability to alleviate stress and enhance poor mood. This is a rare effect among white vein kratom strains, which may explain why Elephant Kratom has become so popular. When you’re feeling depressed or experiencing anxiety, a dosage of White Elephant Kratom can help soothe your nerves and keep you calm for a while.

Elephant Kratom can ease not only stress but also improve your mood. It might be the ideal strain to feel a little more cheerful than normal whenever these two effects are combined.

It doesn’t stop there. Elephant Kratom may have the same effects as other white vein kratom strains. Focus enhancement is another potential effect that may be crucial when working on a project or participating in an activity.

Benefits of Elephant Kratom

Elephant kratom can have many benefits when consumed in the proper dose:

  • It uplifts the mood: After taking this strain, people have reported that they experienced an uplifted mood. This is a feature of other white Kratom strains as well. They are well-known for their ability to reduce stress and improve mood.
  • Increased concentration and focus: Users have also reported that they experienced an improved concentration, and they could focus on specific activities better after taking this strain.
  • Pain Relief: White Elephant is famous for providing modest pain relief in minutes. If you’re searching for pain treatment, you’ll need to take a higher dose of White Elephant than you would with other kratom strains. Instead, the Red Elephant strain is a superior alternative for pain management.

Elephant Kratom Dosage

Begin with 2 grams each dosage and gradually increase to 5 grams as you develop tolerance. After that, you can attempt to consume up to 8 grams, but do not go beyond that. Overdosing Elephant Kratom can cause fatigue and headaches, so be cautious and discontinue taking higher doses once you start experiencing the side effects of this strain.

In Conclusion

Elephant Kratom has a lot of unique properties that may not be present in other strains. If you want to experience intense stimulating, euphoric, and mood-enhancing effects, Elephant kratom is the strain. It can also give minor pain relief to people who suffer from chronic aches and pains. But, you should always be cautious when using Elephant Kratom, just as with any other strain. Always start with a modest dose when testing new strains and adjust as required.

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