What healthy foods can hinder my weight loss?

healthy foods

If you think you are eating healthy food, think again!

Weight gain is a big problem today that many people are facing. From adulthood to old age, people are worried about their weight. With a heavyweight and an unshaped body, people of all genders feel ashamed in gatherings. Moreover, these people make people ill mentally and physically. To solve this problem, we need to find out what food makes people gain weight.

To lose weight, many people diet. On dieting, they take healthy foods without knowing whether or not they are good to eat. Some foods pretend to be healthier but are not. Sometimes people overdose on healthy foods in order to achieve results faster. Or maybe they choose the wrong weight loss diet plan. However, it turned out with horrible results.

Therefore, people are asked to take help from an expert nutritionist. They can help you choose a better diet for weight loss. With experts’ knowledge and thorough research, we concluded all healthy diets do not help to lose weight. Some foods contain high-carb and sugar which are not suitable to take on a diet.


Few foods are more nutritionally dense than vegetables and fruit. However, you must exercise caution when preparing your smoothie. If you add fruit, drink, and protein, it might contain up to 1,500 calories! You probably do not want this many calories. 

Try Flavor with fruit. But don’t forget about the vegetables. Mix the leafy green vegetables in it. Leafy green vegetables are low in calories but high in health benefits. You can add a few pineapple pieces that might help make vegetables in a smoothie more enjoyable. 

2.Oats and grains

Although oats and grains are nutritious, they are frequently served with a lot of oil and butter. It is harmful if it is sticky and clumped together. There are several recipes for oats and grains. However, the service is fairly modest. Granola has 400 calories per cup on average. The same may be said for high-calorie nuts and dried fruit. Furthermore, one cup of almonds has 500 calories or more. A little bit goes a long way.


The three and four servings of bagels contain carbohydrates. However, if you add cream cheese to it, it can have 400 or more calories in it. Moreover, it can contain a whopping 30% of the daily allowance of sodium.

If you compare a bagel with a simple doughnut, you will get the same number of calories. Doughnuts are not healthy foods. They contain more sugar than bagels. but, sometimes, you can take bagels for breakfast. 

If you follow a proper keto diet plan, you will get to know what healthy food in which quantity you should eat. Some expert dietitians help people and make a diet plan according to their patients. If you are serious about your weight, follow a perfect diet plan that helps.

4.Soup and salad

Soup and salad both are healthy meals. You can usually take them for lunch. However, do you know what makes them heavy and unhealthy? Cream, oil, butter, and cheese. Cream-based soup and salad can be high in fats. And with a salad, when you add meat and crotons in it, it becomes high-calorie food. 

The other, less evident problem with restaurant soups is that they are generally rich in salt. Too much salt causes a variety of issues, including

  • High blood pressure
  • Increases your risk of stroke 
  • Heart failure 
  • Osteoporosis 
  • stomach cancer
  • Kidney disease

5.High-calories coffee drinks

Coffee is a nutritious beverage that may be consumed while on a diet. However, its detrimental effects begin when unhealthy additives like heavy cream and sugar are added. The negative consequences of these diets exceed the good advantages. High-calorie coffee beverages are no healthier than soda. They’re high in empty calories, which may equal a whole meal.

If you enjoy coffee, stick to simple, black coffee when attempting to lose weight. It’s also good to add a little cream or milk. Simply leave out the sugar, high-calorie creamers, and other harmful components.

6.High calories snack pack

People who struggle with portion management will appreciate single-serving snack packets. However, these snacks are not high in calories. DIY is far superior! Instead, grab a banana or a carton of Greek yogurt. Make your own serving-size nut baggies. You’ll avoid the blood sugar surge (and decrease) that a 100-calorie bag of packaged tiny cookies would cause.

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