What Are The Legal Steps to Take After A Car Accident?

Car Accident

In Los Angeles, the number of accidents is at an all-time high, and motor vehicle accidents make for the majority of personal injury claims. According to Los Angeles traffic department figures, in January 2022, 290 people succumbed to road accidents last year, which is 22% more than in 2021. An ominous total of 1,470 individuals were gravely injured, a 35% upsurge over the same timeframe in 2022.    Knowing what to do after a mishap can significantly impact the result of a case and help a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer protect the defendant’s legal rights. Consult this vehicle accident handbook to better understand your rights under the law and strengthen your case.

After a Traffic Accident, Take These First Steps:

The aftermath of a car collision can be frightening. Use the checklist below to help you plan your post-accident actions in Los Angeles:

Guarantee the Safety of all Occupants:

Check whether any individuals in your or the other vehicle demand urgent medical care. Inspect the  crash scene for any life-threatening situations that could result in more injuries.

File a Report of the Accident:

Suppose, unfortunately, you are involved in an automobile accident in Los Angeles that results in the destruction of property or injuries that surpass a certain level you must report it to the police. You’ll want to document the event to aid in the insurance claim process later in any such event. If the crash was not due to your negligence, having a police record can assist you in proving your case and may also provide valuable insights later on, such as if the other driver was issued with a traffic offense.

Converse With the Other Driver:

Talk to the other car owner and exchange basic information about the incident. Obtaining information such as their identity, residence, registration number, and driver’s license number is essential. Take note of the other car involved in the collision. Avoid addressing or apologizing for the accident’s cause, as these statements and words may be used against you in a court of law.

Photograph the Site of the Crash:

Accident site photographs act as prime evidence in a police investigation and serve as your prime defense in the event of a lawsuit. Take pictures of the accident scene, like the exact site of the accident in Los Angeles and the vehicles’ positioning in the crash.

Find an Eyewitnesses:

Examine the situation to determine if any eyewitnesses exist. Note down the personal details of the eyewitness and urge them to stay on the spot to give an accident report testimony. Examine any nearby video surveillance, such as a dashcam from the eyewitness’s car or a traffic camera that may have captured the collision.

Make a Call to Your Defense Attorney:

As early as possible, contact a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer. They can walk you through your rights under the law and communicate effectively with your insurance agency. They may also suggest what kind of documentation you should acquire or when you should be giving testimony to your insurance agency.

A personal injury lawsuit arising from a motor vehicle crash needs to be initiated within a particular time limit in each state. It’s known as the statute of limitations in legal terminology. If you wait too long to file a suit, your lawsuit may be invalidated. While the statute of limitations in some states may be years, it may be as little as 30 days if the incident involves a juvenile.

Your lawyer will be a knowledgeable guide, a compassionate friend, and a fighter who will stand and fight your legal dispute on your behalf.

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