What are the common types of cardboard boxes?

Many shapes of cardboard boxes are available in the market. They can be square, round, or cubic. Many creative shapes of these boxes can present the products distinctively. There are numerous special add-ons for these boxes, such as custom inserts, placeholders, or compartments. Their manufacturing material is recyclable and decomposable. These boxes are also affordable for all kinds of businesses. Their printing elements can promote the brand and the products. They can convey the brand message. Many embellishments help in increasing the visual appeal of these boxes. They can be the best choice for attracting a lot of new customers.

Don’t you know the attributes of cardboard material? This is a versatile material that can possess excellent characteristics. This material comes in various thicknesses, and different businesses can pick any thickness according to their needs. Different businesses can adapt cardboard boxes to various weights, strengths, and widths. Therefore, these boxes are useful for many functions. Depending on the thickness, application, and uses of the box, there are many types of these boxes. These boxes can also be of different types based on their shapes and styles. Hence, there are various types of these boxes, and they can have variable applications in different businesses.

Single-wall and double-wall cardboard boxes

The most common type of cardboard box is made from single-wall cardboard. The cardboard used for this box possesses only a single layer of fluting between two flat walls. This type of cardboard packaging finds applications where you don’t need heavy-duty boxes. In the case of a double-wall cardboard box, cardboard possesses two fluting layers between two flat walls. From this, we can understand that single-wall cardboard is less strong as compared to double-wall cardboard. Different types of businesses can choose any of these cardboard boxes according to their needs. Hence, this is the category of product boxes based on their strength. Different businesses can choose them according to the type of their products.

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are the most common type of custom cardboard boxes. They possess three layers, including corrugated fiberboard, cardstock, and paperboard. There is a wavy sheet that can be glued between two flat layers. In this way, the box looks flat from either side of the box. There are various types of shapes of boxes, such as rectangular, square, round, or other creative shapes. There are many colours of custom printed cardboard packaging. This box is very strong as it can help in ensuring the safety of the encased products from all kinds of damages. Eventually, these boxes can be the best choice when you need to protect your delicate items.

Folding boxes

The boxes easily available in retail stores are folding boxes. Most retail businesses prefer these boxes as they are easy to fold and unfold. Their best property is their extremely lightweight as compared to a corrugated box. Custom cardboard boxes that are foldable are easy to ship. Moreover, they don’t have higher shipping charges. Due to their lightweight, these boxes are the perfect packaging solution for food products. These folding boxes are printed, laminated, and cut into the desired shape before their folding. They come with interlocking flaps, and they don’t need additional adhesive for keeping their edges in place. Hence, folding boxes are one of the important types of custom printed cardboard packaging.

Rigid boxes

There are various delicate and precious objects. They are susceptible to damage by bumps and jerks during shipping. Their safety is a great challenge for various businesses. For such types of products, rigid boxes are the best solution. As their name is telling, these boxes are sturdier and stronger as compared to folding boxes. You can use rigid custom boxes to ensure that your delicate objects are reaching the target customers safely. They are the best source of transporting delicate items from one place to another. Moreover, these boxes are available in all sizes and colours. They can come with the desired features to meet the needs of people.

Honeycomb cardboard boxes 

Don’t you know about honeycomb cardboard packaging? This is made from honeycomb cardboard. What is honeycomb cardboard? This isn’t a popular type of cardboard as people don’t know about it. It is very important because of its strength. This specialized type of cardboard comes with various layers of corrugation. Due to many layers, this cardboard is more durable. Also, it can provide higher protection as compared to others. For your custom boxes, you can use this cardboard. This is the best packaging solution for various industrial needs.

Triple-wall board boxes

As the name shows, this is specialized cardboard that comes with additional three layers of fluting. These three fluting layers are present between two outer layers. Also, we can see that due to these three layers, this cardboard can be more important. Many businesses use this material for manufacturing boxes for heavy-duty applications. Custom packaging made of this cardboard can be the best solution to deliver your products safely. Hence, for industrial applications, many businesses rely on these triple-wall cardboard boxes.

Based on the type of cardboard, we have described different types of cardboard packaging boxes. We can see that based on different types of cardboard, these boxes can have different strengths. We can also understand that there are many other ways to categorize cardboard boxes. Hence, these ways can be shape or style, functionality, and visual appeal.

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