Website optimization, the most common SEO mistakes and how to fix them

The news is perhaps not the most recent SEO, but in case you missed it it is worth investigating it: Google indexes the Tweets !
Well yes: for now only on Mobile and only with regard to in English , but from Mountain View they ensure that they are working to extend the innovation to other languages ​​and even to the classic desktop.
Let’s take the example reported by Google itself to better explain what will change:
let’s say that a user starts looking for Malcolm X on the occasion of the birth (obviously from his smartphone or tablet, using the Google App, but also any browser ); this is what you will see in the SERPs

Practically in pole position we find the popular tweets on the subject; a very important position compared to the rest of the results returned by the search engine.
So, as you can understand, the relationship between Social Networks and SERPs is gradually getting closer and everyone can see the importance of having a professional profile for each Social of the SEO, given the increasingly heavier relevance that the engine of research number 1 is giving them.

If you are not present on Social Networks, we suggest some tips for:
Twitter for companies
Company Facebook page

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