12 Ways to Use a Car Air Pump Effectively

12 Ways to Use a Car Air Pump Effectively

Currently, the tyre makers are manufacturing innovative products that help to enhance fuel economy and increase the tyre’s longevity. As a result, you can now invest in high-quality and technologically advanced tyres. So, it ensures better fuel efficiency, and even with a flat tyre, you can travel up to 100 km. Nevertheless, it will likely get flat or punctured if you don’t maintain proper tyre pressure. On this note, investing in a car air pump seems to be a great idea.  

As a general rule, you should always maintain the correct air pressure using a vehicle air compressor. For starters, you must check it almost every night, especially if you commute daily. This tool will help maintain the tyre’s condition and is portable. It works by sucking the air continuously and squeezing it mechanically through its internal moving parts. It uses a force to power the tyres and inflate them with maximum air pressure. 

12 Ways to Use a Car Air Pump

Having car extra accessories like a tyre inflator can be your saviour during emergencies. It can come in handy during situations like flat or punctured tyres. It also offers various other benefits for household tasks. Here are some of the most common ways to use a car air pump:

  1. These tools are handy, portable, and compact. You can easily store them in the boot space of your vehicle and never worry about a flat tyre. It contains an integrated pressure gauge that displays the pressure applied to the tyre. Also, it has a programmed pressure regulator that stops the tyre from overinflating the tyres.
  2. The car inflators can enable you to check the tyre pressure and maintain it. It helps to prolong the tyre’s life. 
  3. When the tyres go flat or get punctured in the middle of the road, you no longer need to look for a mechanic. A car air pump can save time because you can carry and use it anywhere. 
  4. The power sources of tyre inflators are different. Battery power is the most common and best source of powering an inflator. It inflates your tyres easily and quickly. 
  5. You can also use an electric motor and pump to inflate the tyres when using an air pump. These devices perform better and are affordable. So, the electric motor and pump can be a great source whenever you are looking for a power source. 
  6. Always remember to use the exact pressure mentioned in the manufacturer’s guide. The higher the pressure produced by an inflator, the quicker it will fill the tyres. So, look for an air pump that offers 100-200 PSI. 
  7. Keep an eye on the inflation time while filling the tyres. The time the car air pump takes to inflate a tyre fully is a significant factor. It can be anywhere between 10, 20, or 30 minutes. It usually depends on the inflator you’re using and how much its output is. The less time taken by the pump, the sooner you can fill air into the tyre. 
  8. Check the duty cycle of the vehicle air compressors when using one. The duty cycle mainly describes how long it can run before taking time to cool. Most tyre inflators usually run for about fifteen minutes before shutting off automatically. They must operate high speed to produce enough air to fill a vehicle’s tyre. 
  9. A car air pump needs a gauge that is simple to read in order to inflate the tyre with the correct volume of air. The user-friendly inflators are those with digital gauges, especially backlit ones. However, analogue gauges also function effectively if they have big numerals on their faces. A moving needle is a common feature of analogue gauges. The needle on some gauges can also move up or down the scale.
  10. The automatic shutoff feature present in these tools makes it easy to use the device. It helps to prevent any mishap that may occur while operating these devices. Air compressors use three factors while automatically shutting off: temperature, time, and pressure. The pressure shutoff feature is useful as you can set it to a desired pressure. When the device reaches this limit, it will stop pumping the air. 

Similarly, it would automatically shut off when it reaches a high or low temperature. It usually shuts off automatically when it reaches an extremely high temperature. It will take some time to cool off completely before operating again. Usually, it takes about 15 minutes to begin the cooling process. 

  1. Filling a tyre with an inflator with a short hose is inconvenient. Also, if it has a long hose, it can get tangled, which is not good. So, it is best to use a device whose hose is about 16 to 20 inches long. It can reach all the tyre conveniently and is manageable too. 
  2. Before using an inflator, make sure to check the weight of the device. It should be portable, and that allows you to carry it anywhere you travel. A lightweight device also makes it easy to use or handle it. 

So, these were the 12 general rules you must remember when using or buying a car air pump. Carorbis’s online store has made purchasing a quality tyre inflator easier. You can choose products from various brands at an affordable price.

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