Ways to keep track on hashtags for your company?

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It doesn’t matter if you run an Instagram account for personal usage, or for a company or business, or even an individual client, there’s every time you are wondering how to keep track of various hashtags. We’ve been there.

You’ve probably noticed that, the internal search does not allow users to search multiple hashtags. The absence of multiple search options could be a major issue. You’ll not get a large number of Instagram followers without that.

The positive is I have an answer!

It’s worked for me for professional and personal needs It can be used for you as well. And it’s completely legal and safe method – don’t be scared that it won’t need your Instagram login details. Here’s the steps you should do to find multiple hashtags across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook:

Let BuyFollowersMalaysia provide an instance. This tool lets you follow and respond to any public mentions that contain the keywords you want to keep track of. In this instance, it could be hashtags. This tool will provide you with every mention that contains a hashtag.

This video walks you through steps to monitor your hashtag, as well as the metrics that are important:

  • Register an account on Brand24. Create an account for a trial period of no cost (no credit card needed). Input the hashtags you wish to track.
  • Input your hashtag #mainhashtag as the hashtag you wish to follow. The hashtag could refer to your business’s hashtag, for instance. Let say it’s BuyFollowersMalaysia.

Need More?

As of now it will begin to collect data. Tool monitors the media. Tool begins to collect keywords and mentions across the Internet. There will be some data at initial stages. However, I suggest you put off a few minutes and let the tool do its work and gather new, up-to-date data in real time.

Pro Tip: Set up your own monitoring projects prior to launching your campaign, or even start the project. This will ensure you have the most precise results.

  1. BuyFollowersMalaysia collects mentions from all over the internet including the social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and many others) to blogs and websites. All these mentions on the dashboard.

The next step is to filter results by source. If you would like to see the posts only on Instagram posts all you have do is select Instagram’s Instagram icon:

  1. Now, in the tab called mentions you can view social media posts that have been published using the main hashtag. You can choose the date range and apply any other filter on the column to the right.

4. Ok, but where are the multiple hashtags that I have created?

In keeping with my tracker of the the #Brand24 hashtag, I’d like to track all posts that use the hashtag #Brand24 as well as hashtags like #marketing.

The second hashtag should be entered in the search engine’s internal search such as:

  • Then, it’s done! The results below have both!
  • This is the simple and tested method to use various hashtags.

Want more? NO PROBLEM

If you’re looking to view posts using the hashtag set that includes more than two hashtags you can also search internally but using the the AND operator.

Let’s say I want to keep track of posts using the hashtags #Brand24, #marketing along with the hashtag #event to keep track of the posts that mention our presence at the events that we promote.

Isn’t it genius?

  1. If you need any analysis of estimates of social media’s reach and engagement, sentiment or the influence of these posts, visit the Analysis tab.

It’s also narrowed down by filtering and results from searches, meaning you’ll be able to draw conclusions quickly. You can now improve your management of hashtag campaigns and analysis to the higher levels!

Create your HTML0 monitoring project now and begin following various hashtags across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. PS. How can you search several hashtags across social networks? You are welcome to post your experiences in the comment box below.

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