Universal Account Number: Benefits & More

Universal Account Number

You may have heard of the “Universal Account Number” or UAN. It’s a global standard for customer service and, more importantly, for tracking customer activity. With a UAN Activation Card, You can communicate with customers from any country. It makes your life as a business much easier, as it means you can track customer behaviour and interactions from anywhere in the world. Plus, it shows customers an easier way to contact you if there are any problems. 

Why do People need UAN(Universal Account Number)?

The UAN is a unique account number given by the (EPFO) or UAN E Sewa Portal. It is a 12-digit, an alphanumeric combination used to access your PF account and other services, including direct deposit into your bank account or money transfer into any bank account abroad.

The main reason why employers prefer using UAN over Lakhs of Aadhaar numbers. It is easier for them in case of any issues related to employee data leakage or data theft etc. Compared with Aadhar numbers which are prone to errors due to small print size and lack of security features like biometric authentication or two-factor authentication (2FA).

Benefits and Features

To get a universal account number (UAN). You need to create a bank account. Once you have an account, you can use the account number to make transactions in any language without worrying about translating the numbers. Also, using a UAN activation protects time and money when performing company transactions. 

  • Employees may view your PF account information with UAN in one place. Moreover, it compiles all PF and KYC data into one platform.
  • Employers can access their provident fund history on the UAN activation card, which has additional advantages.
  • The employer can manage their PF account on the UAN web page or UAN E Sewa Portal.
  • Employees can transfer and withdraw their funds by using UAN Card anytime.
  • Employees get exclusive access to their UAN activation account linked to their KYC information as an employee.
  • Employers can verify your PF request through the UAN E Sewa Portal. Also, the employer can submit their PF deduction/contribution successfully here.
  • Employees have exclusive access to your UAN activation account linked to their KYC information.
  • Your unique identification is this number, which is unrelated to any employers.
  • With the help of the UAN Activation Card, Employees may check their balance, status and all other things. They are effectively managing their entire PF account.

How To Get Your UAN?

You can obtain UAN through the UAN E-Seva portal. The applicant must submit all required documents and pay the required fee online. The UAN is valid for one year and should be renewed annually.

You must go to the nearest PF office to obtain a UAN. They will verify your identity, issue your UAN card on the spot, and collect other necessary documents like a passport or driving license. Depending on the account number you’ve been applying for (soft or hard copy).

Your UAN Activation

You can activate your UAN by visiting the EPFO website or UAN E Sewa portal, where you will be asked to fill up a form and submit it at any of their offices. It’s a straightforward procedure.

Documents Required For The Generation Of A UAN:

  • Bank Account Number
  • Aadhaar Card (original and photocopy)
  • Pan Card (original or photocopy)
  • Passport Size photograph (in JPEG format)
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address


The PF is a great way to save up for your future. It can be made even more effective by understanding its more delicate details and knowing how to manage it properly so that you get the most out of this scheme. We hope you have better understood UAN and how it can help you manage your PF account.

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