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Mongraal is a 17-year-old professional player currently playing under Team Secret. In 2018, he has titled the youngest e-sports player in the community. Because of his extraordinary skills and achievements till now, Mongraal is also considered The UK’s best Fortnite player. At the age of only 17, he has become a part of the professional Fortnite community. Born in 2004 in the USA, he is currently a resident of Europe. All we know about his family is that they are very supportive of his gaming career as he has also managed to perform well in his academics. Other than this, he has not been very open about his personal life in the media and therefore, we do not have enough information about his personal life. Keep reading to know more about career, income, and accomplishment of Mongraal.

Know More About Mongraal’s Career

Mongraal’s full name is Kyle Jackson, born and bought up in 2004. Mongraal became fascinated with games when he was just 8 years old. He then started playing video games. After some time, he shifted his interest to competitive gaming. In his career, he has played a lot of FPS games like Fortnite, Player’s Unknown Battleground. Later, when Mongraal turned 13, he started playing as a part of Team Secret. He was later on listed among the youngest professional players. As a team Secret, you have participated in different events and also, travelled around the world. His greatest strength is his parent. They are highly supportive of his gaming passion.

Before Mongraal started playing as a professional Fortnite player, Mongraal attempted playing Call of duty. Later on, he started playing H1Z1. As a Fortnite player, he has participated in Solo, Squad, and Duo tournaments. He has been a part of some successful events like the BP open squad tournament, UMG Friday Fortnite, and POG Solo tournament. His team members include some great players like WizKay, Sak)ner, Domentos and Secret Osmo. 

Recently, Mongraal has earned a fanbase of almost 1M followers on the Twitch channel and has up to 16 Million views on the videos. Mongraal started his Youtube channel in 2015 and has almost 1 million subscribers on the channel. His popular videos include Intense 39 kill solo vs squads win, No scope win in Fortnite Season 8. You can see the content on his channel on regular basis.


Talking about Mongraal’s income, there are different sources of income for Mongraal. The primary source of income is his Youtube and Twitch channels. His other source of income includes the money that he has won from the tournaments that he has taken part in. Also, he gets a monthly salary as a part of Team Secret. Keeping in mind that he is just 17 year’s old, we can say that his career is now growing and it will be difficult for us to estimate his exact worth. Another part of his income comes from the donation, sponsorships and subscriptions that he gets.


Now that Mongraal is a student, he can not maintain a particular schedule to stream on his channels. You can still see him streaming up to 6 hours per day. Other than this, to know more about his streaming schedule, you will have to follow him on his social media handles or Twitch channel. 

Facts to Know About Mongraal

Well, before ending the article, here are some facts that you must know about Mongraal. 

  • When asked about Mongraal’s career, he stated that he started playing video games when he was 9 years old. Later on, he started playing as a professional for halo and Call of duty.
  • Other than this, when he discussed his schooling work, he mentioned he gets plenty of studies as well. He gets enough time to play as well as study. Moreover, he stated that his parents also support his career.
  • Fortnite creative has provided a platform to all the content creators to customize the map according to their choice and most of the content creators has customized in that. Mongraal also has created his building course.
  • He also organized a giveaway to offer 500$ to the participant who will complete the course earliest.

Mongraal Valorant Settings

So, now that you know enough about Mongraal, you may also be interested in knowing Mongraal Valorant settings. Therefore, before concluding this article, we have listed all the Mongraal settings.


Scoped sensitivity 1.00
Mouse polling rate 1000 Hz
DPI 400
Mouse sensitivity Default

Video Settings:

V-Sync Off
Material Quality Default
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
Screen Mode Full Screen
UI Quality Default
Anisotropic Filtering Default
Anti-Aliasing Default


Walk  Left Shift
Crouch Left CRTL
Melee Weapon 3
Spike 4
jump Spacebar
Primary weapon 1
Secondary weapon 2
1 Ability Q
2 Ability E
3 Ability C
Inner line Default
Outer line Default
Outlines Default
Firing Default
Color Default

So, this was the complete information about Mongraal. Also, get a picture of how he performs so well, we have explained all the Mongraal settings. To know more about him, you can follow him on social media or YouTube channels.

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