Top Picks of best Budget Smart watch under 3000 for 2024

Budget Smart watch

With the technology change, there has been a change in the mindset of people too. People have started to accept and adapt to new things and the latest devices getting introduced in the market. One product which has created a great demand in the market is the Bluetooth smart watch. Every second person wants a smart watch online to walk with confidence and the range of best smart watch under 2000 is worth looking at!

Smart watches are a perfect blend of great affordability and a wide variety of features. There are various brands in the market currently offering the best budget smart watch online leading a common man fulfilling his wish of owning one. 

You don’t have to worry about owning a smart watch, as currently there are various young and popular brands in the market offering the best watches online at a price which doesn’t harm your pocket at all. 

List of the best budget smart watch under 3000 

1) Fire Boltt Ninja Bell 

Fire Boltt Ninja Bell is an active mode watch for sports and adventure enthusiasts. This black shiny smart watch online has a rating of 4.5 stars and has been bought by the young class. The features and battery life of the watch is the most recommendable feature to look up to. Having more than 60 sports modes you can record all your fitness activities easily.

Pros of using Fire Boltt Ninja Bell

  • Amazing battery life 
  • Strong connectivity 
  • AI voice assistant
  • 100 cloud-based watch faces.  

Cons of using Fire Boltt Ninja Bell 

  • Low user Interference 
  • Minimal apps 
  • Cannot survive much sweat and water. 

2) Noise Color Grande Smart Watch 

This is the latest smart watch online introduced by Noise. The attractive colour, design and inbuilt software make this watch worth buying. Noise Color Grande is a smart Bluetooth watch with various premium features. It has bagged the title of the most budget-friendly watch by the Noise brand till date. Watch is ideal for indoor and outdoor sports. 

Pros of using Noise Color Grande Smart Watch 

  • Water and sweat resistant 
  • Health and activity tracker 
  • 25 hour battery 
  • Great access to notifications 

Cons of Using Noise Color Grande Smart Watch 

  • Single colour watch 
  • Less watch faces 
  • Battery drains out quickly

3) Realme TechLife watch S100 

Phone company Realme has launched its first-ever smart watch online which is budget and user-friendly. Having all the basic features and functions this smart watch online is good to buy if you are looking for something good, strong and under budget. Probably this is the best budget smart watch under 3000 for 2024. 

Pros of using Realme TechLife watch S100

  • Sports and entertainment watch 
  • Stress tracker 
  • 12 day battery life 
  • Easy notification management 

Cons of using TechLife watch S100

  • Less charging capacity 
  • Not resistant to sweat and water 
  • Slow data Interference 

4) Dizo Watch 

The Dizo watch by Realme is a premium feature watch with great function and long battery life. The best thing about this watch is the colour options it gives, it has three modern colours each being attractive to another. Talking about screen display it has the best screen touch display as compared to other watches letting you swipe all works and tasks with just a few touches. 

Pros of using Dizo Watch

  • Best user Interference 
  • Strong battery life 
  • Health and fitness tracker 
  • Inbuilt music player 

Cons of using Dizo Watch 

  • The young brand with fewer features 
  • Sleek curved hard metal body 
  • Not resistant to sweat and water

Play XL

Play XL is a rough and tough smart watch online with a hard glass face that protects the watches from damage. With a digital dial, the face watch looks classy on the hands making it one of the most desirable watches by young and working professionals. Low battery consumption and long working hours is the best part about this smart watches online. 

Pros of using Play XL 

  • Full touch screen 
  • 15 days battery life 
  • Stainless Steel body 
  • 10 plus watch faces 

Cons of using Play XL

  • Slow user interference 
  • Limited functions 
  • Doesn’t have a health or fitness tracker 

Hence, whenever you think of buying a smart watches online next time do pay attention to the options. As each option has its speciality and features to offer. Buy the best  smartwatch under 2000 at Modn that makes you follow the trend and not the ones that make you invite unwanted guests.

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