Top Benefits of Choosing a Short Domain Name for Your Business

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With the web transforming the way we look for information, contemporary marketers have no other option but to have a business website high on design and user experience. The domain name is a critical decision because it can significantly affect the volume of organic traffic to the website. While you can have a domain name whatever you want, many marketing experts suggest that a short domain name is the best due to its many advantages. A quick look at some of the main advantages of a short domain name for your business website:

Easy to Remember

According to Forbes, a short domain name is simple and memorable. It can be vital as it will increase the volume of traffic to your website because more people will remember the name of your website when you advertise. If they remember your domain name, they can visit it directly from the browser or feed it to a search engine to search for your website. A short business name also makes it easier for people to look you up on social media.

Easy to Communicate

Another benefit of a short domain name is that it is easy to communicate with target audiences. For example, it will have better memorability when the audience sees it on TV, in newspaper advertisements, billboards, and even on website banners. There is less chance of people getting the spelling wrong when compared to long and complicated website names. A short website name also gives more flexibility to designers of marketing collateral like brochures, flyers, business cards, billboards, and even yard signs.

Unique and Authoritative

Most people consider short domain names as more authoritative and representative of a no-nonsense and professional business attitude. Short domain names are generally more unique and more creative because they have to make a lot happen in a few characters. Many experts think Google gives websites with short names more authority than long and complicated names, which translates to better page rankings. You can look up the brand name to find all available short domain names.

Straight and to the Point 

A short domain name tells the target audience what your business is about without wasting words. For example, names like Oreo, Ford, IBM, 3M, etc. are good examples of short domain names making it big globally. Many people also think that short domain names sound more professional because they are straightforward.

Easier To Get It Right

In a world full of distractions, it can be difficult for people to pay enough attention .To long domain names and remember them well to get them right when looking up the website. It is especially true of people multitasking while using their smartphones to look for information. A short domain name is easier to type in the browser or the search engine. It means these companies invariably get more traffic.

While you’re wanting to purchase a space name, you might contemplate. Whether the one you buy ought to be long or short. There are various benefits to each. We’ll begin with long space names.

In the event that you can’t actually “summarize” what your organization does in only single word. Or on the other hand assuming that your image name is somewhat obscure. You might need to buy a more drawn out URL to all the more likely make sense of what your motivation is. Suppose you sell kids’ clothing on the web. And the name of your business is “Pink Boutique.” To make your motivation and store character a little more clear. You might pick something like pink-shop as opposed to something more limited.

Long space names truly deny no sort of web based sharing. As they would have once done: since numerous well known benefits currently abbreviate URLs. They don’t occupy space in Twitter, or stretch your portions on Facebook or Google+. So there’s compelling reason need to stress over your area being excessively lengthy… . Except if, obviously, it’s more than three or four words.

Longer space names likewise have a superior opportunity to be one of a kind, particularly in the event that they consolidate words another way, so you might have better karma getting your URL of decision enlisted some place.


In addition to the above benefits, one of the most significant. Advantages of a short domain name is that they are easier to brand. Short brand names enjoy better memorability, and marketers can be more creative when using them in advertising and social media.

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