Top 5 Magic Tricks to Do at Home


Being a magician takes more than technical skill; it also takes a good gimmick and showmanship. Magic is believing. Our minds are naturally attracted to delusions that challenge our intelligence. Children are captivated by magic, but it’s even better when they can be magicians themselves. Today we’ll share some easy magic tricks to do for fun and practice at home with your kids.

Let the magic begin and teach these tricks to children.

Fire Floating Candle Trick:

The floating candle magic trick is one of the most popular illusions you can perform in your home. The science behind this floating candle is pretty cool. The magic floating candle trick is a classic of magic. You show two candles on a table, with wax melted a bit down onto the jar below. Then you blow out one of the candles, and to everyone’s amazement, it re-ignites!

It waxes that burns. When you blow the candle out, vaporized wax temporarily remains in the air. So technically, there are small pieces of evaporated wax floating up with the smoke when you blow your candle out. It’s just dangling in the air for a few seconds before the smoke disperses. You can relight your candle during that fraction of a second using a lighter or even another candle. It’s a very cool trick, and you can make it look like it’s magic to your kids.

Floating Pen Trick:

It would be best to squeeze your wrist firmly to do this floating pen trick. The anatomy behind this floating pen trick is using your other hand’s pointer finger. Everybody in the room thinks you are squeezing it tightly. That’s why it is floating, but you are putting your pointer finger on your pen, and it looks like it’s just floating. This trick can make children’s best magician.

Make a Coin Vanish Trick:

Magic is a vanishing art. To perform this trick, you need to have three coins and a small square piece of aluminum foil. Put the aluminum foil on top of one of the coins and rub it with your thumb to make the mark of the coin appear on the foil. Then carefully remove the coin from the foil. You need to ensure your audience you have four coins to perform this trick. But in reality, you have one fake coin along with three coins. Close your hand and crush the aluminum foil into a small ball. Before opening your hand, smash your hand in a way that ensures that the small ball is under the coin. This magic trick takes a lot of practice.

 Disappearing the ring

One of the most famous tricks is the Disappearing ring illusion. You need to put the string around your finger and hold the two ends in your hands. Pretend to make the ring appear on your finger by waving your fingers in the air, but actually, you are hiding the ring under your hands. Then you suddenly expose that you made the ring appear. You do this trick by moving both hands quickly backward and forward to get the ring out from under your hands and onto your finger.

Magic Coin to Bottle:

Have you ever wondered how magicians make things appear out of thin air? If so, then the Magic Coin to Bottle trick is the perfect way to start learning some simple magic!

Learn to make a coin appear right inside a plastic bottle. First, show that you have a flat and empty paper bag. Place it on the floor and step away from it. Get a small plastic bottle and place it in the paper bag. Now, fling something like the lid or bottle cap into the air, and when you catch it, you toss it into the paper bag (with your other hand). When you open up the bag, there will be two piles of objects. The top pile is for objects thrown into the bag – in this case, only a coin is seen. The bottom pile is for objects thrown out of the bag – here; we see a plastic bottle with your coin inside!

To wrap up

Best of all, these tricks require nothing more than a little sleight of hand and some everyday objects. You won’t need any masks, smoke pellets, or mirrors to pull them off. And they’re an awesome way to impress your friends, family members and can even make you look like a kid again. Magic can bring people together, and it is an unforgettable moment. You can always hire an expert magician for your family events to entertain your friends and family.

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