Top 11 Most Popular and Trending Celebrities in 2024

Trending Celebrities

Through the years social media has helped celebrities to directly communicate with their followers. Twitter and Instagram have enabled users to get a closer glimpse of their favourite stars by giving them direct connections to their lives.

Celebrities like Selena Gomez, Chrissy Teigen as well as Kylie Jenner have used their platforms to openly discuss important topics with their followers While Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have built their empires on social media. They are able to make a difference to millions of people with just one tweet. Kylie Jenner’s Net Worth is up to $1 Billion. Without a doubt, Kylie Jenner has been declared one of the wealthiest self-made billionaires globally.

Look through the images below to find the most talked about celebs via social media.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The most followed person who is on Instagram is the Portuguese soccer star, who took the title of Selena Gomez (October 2018). The first user who had 200 million Instagram followers by January 2020. He shares photos of himself playing soccer with his family and friends and also posts photos and videos.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande ranks second on Instagram’s top ten most-followed users However, her popularity is far more than the Facebook-owned platform. Nickelodeon’s former alumna shared her thoughts on Twitter following the incident at her concert at the Manchester Arena on May 22 the 22nd of May, 2017.

“Broken. “Broken. “I am not sure which words to use.” Her tweet quickly became the most frequently retweeted message in the social network’s time, with more than one million retweets as well as 2.6 millions of likes.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez used to be the most liked person on Instagram. However, she’s now been surpassed by Ariana Grande, Cristiano Ronaldo and Dwyane John. She is the “Bad Liar” singer, who has nearly 167 million fans, is even on the cover of Time magazine’s “TIME Firsts” women who are changing the world. Six of her images are in the top ten of the most popular photos on the photo sharing website, and it’s where she opened up to her followers and fans.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, the youngest member of her family, has used social media platforms to make her stand out and let fans enter her world. Her extremely popular Kylie Cosmetics launched in 2015 and she was able to turn her fans into customers.

Jenner posts photos to the 161 million fans, including photos of her family as well as the business she runs. The second most popular image on Instagram is one she shared in February of 2018 and was the first image of Stormi, her daughter.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian followed Justin Bieber’s footsteps and gained fame through social media. Kim Kardashian began sharing pictures of her and her everyday life to add to her public image as seen by viewers on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kim Kardashian is used with “breaking through the Internet” as she has created an online empire. Selfish has become known by the name of a media entrepreneur.

Lionel Messi

While it is true that the Argentine soccer player isn’t the most followed among users of Instagram, Lionel Messi is. He has more than 142 million followers. He mostly posts photos of his family and him playing in various games.


The Beyhive is an imposing force! Beyonce has over 140 millions Instagram followers, making Beyonce the 9th most followed account. The two most liked images on Instagram come taken from “Formation” This is the reason she’s been named the 9th most popular account.

Her declaration that her twins were due in February of 2017 was the most liked image with a staggering 11 million followers. But the most liked photo is Chris Godfrey’s #world_record_egg eggs. This image has 54.2 million followers.

Justin Bieber

Social media was the place where Justin Bieber started his career. His mother posted YouTube songs which Bieber uploaded that eventually led him to become a cult. The early success of Bieber was mostly because of using Twitter as well as Facebook. 

They were utilized for the promotion of his songs and his shows and were accessed by millions of Beliebers across the world. His account is now the 2nd most-followed account on Twitter just behind the former president Barack Obama with 126 million followers on Instagram and 109 million Twitter followers.

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is the queen and the king of marketing. Taylor Swift is a master of marketing, and she uses Social media to create anticipation for her upcoming projects. She is a smart businesswoman. She also uploads pictures of her cats and is praised as her own “relatable girl next to you”. 

Even though Swift stopped posting on Instagram, she is the most popular celebrity, with 126 million followers and 85 million on Twitter. Swift has led to an increase in voter registrations following her breaking of her political silence in the month of October 2018, and urged fans to vote on Instagram. BuzzFeed News was told by Swift’s pro-Democratic post resulted in 65,000 more voter registrations over a 24-hour time period.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry set a new record when she became one of the few people to have 100 million fans on Twitter. Perry began using Twitter in 2009 in the early years of her career. She continues to use the platform to communicate with her fans. Perry is a performer from the hit song “Swish Swish” and is also using Twitter to reach out to large viewers on important issues. 

Perry was a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election and utilised Twitter to raise awareness of diverse social issues. Perry has the status of third-most popular user of the platform, having more than the 108 million people who follow her. Her Instagram followers total more than 89 million.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres hosted the 2014 Academy Awards with a clear objective: “break the internet.” In one of the most memorable selfies of all time, Meryl Steep Angelina Jolie and Bradley Cooper came together to host the show. While this tweet went viral, and was shared over 3 million times over the course of time, it was defeated by a teen who was looking to get gratis Wendy’s Chicken Nuggets. 

The EllenShow is ranked number one. 8 on the most viewed websites on Twitter. The comedian makes use of her platform not just to provide cheer and happiness to her followers but also to draw attention to important issues, such as her assistance to the hurricane-related relief effort. Her Instagram followers total more than 83 million.

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