Top 10 Tips for Choosing a Washing Machine

1. Do you need a washer or dryer? The washer/dryer saves space and price compared to buying two cars, but it often breaks down, and if you have one you can’t wash and dry at the same time. If available, separate laundry and dryer are recommended. This is much more reliable.

2. Size matters. If you are single, have a couple or have beautiful children, it would be better to choose a washing machine with a smaller capacity, for example about 6 kg. However, if you have a large family, choose a car that has a large capacity and weighs 10 kilograms. This reduces the amount of cleaning required and saves time and money. For maximum flexibility, make sure the car offers a halfway option.

3. The washing speed of the washing machine varies widely. By choosing a speed of at least 1,400 RPM, you will see that the clothes come out of the dryer. This means less time to dry or dry. You can save a lot of money by spending less time on a dryer. For example, a 1,400-rpm rotation consumes 20% less energy than a 20-minute rotation to dry the load. This saves drying costs of 5-10p per load. This car has to pay more for the rest of its life. But remember, the spinning is faster, the washing machine is stronger, and the washing machine will break faster. If you are buying an economy car, it is recommended that you choose a lower rotation speed.

4. You can also save on running costs by choosing a car with a high-performance rating, but this should usually be compared with the purchase costs. From machines A to G, A is the most efficient. A-class cars G. use half the power of the rated cars. Most modern washing machines are rated A or B, so in practice, your efficiency rating is important in order not to influence your choice. Buying a replacement car that lasts longer is better for the environment.

5. Some machines offer multiple programs. This saves money by washing the right laundry for fine fabrics, stretching clothes, and washing different clothes at different temperatures. However, if you are alone, wash everything with half a load or keep it until your clothes are full. Perhaps this feature will be of greater benefit to large families.

6. Color. The days when most cars are white are over. You can choose silver, stainless steel, black or exotic. Identify your personality!

7. Some washing machines are equipped with a digital display that displays various information about the current laundry, such as the total wash time and remaining time. If you are a man, you need this feature. But how many men do the laundry? Or are we simply sexists?

8. Great Cargo Washing is relatively rare in the UK, but common in the US. Header cranes have a higher capacity. Think if the top loader works in your home.

9. Select the appropriate brand. Some brands have a good reputation for reliability. There are no others. Read the washing machine review for details. However, many people only write reviews when the washing machine is broken. It’s hard to find a good washing machine repairing review, so don’t think the brand is bad just because it’s low priced. For example, we recommend Bush and Zanussi. This durable washing machine can last 20 years and is a smart investment.

10. Don’t pay for features you don’t use. Don’t think that by buying more expensive cars you will get better quality. In general, all machines manufactured in a particular factory share most of the components and are manufactured to the same standards. Even if you buy the best model from the manufacturer, you will not get a long car. In fact, the main model has a lot of features that don’t work like the main model. But by selling more expensive brands, you can get a longer car. But that’s not the rule either. See previous advice.

11. Obviously, an online store. Use the price comparison site to find the best deal. However, choose from trusted suppliers. Sometimes you get what you pay for! That said, that’s a total of 11 tips. This last tip was a bonus to read by the end of the article!

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