Tips To Sell Your Products On Amazon

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Customers look for places that can be fully trusted and relied upon whereas sellers aim to find a destination where they can reach a wider market and can target more audiences. Being a member of Amazon sellers, you can become part of a company that helps its customers to get their hands on the best quality products at affordable prices. 

This guide not only helps you to understand Amazon seller statistics and grow your business following the protocols and conditions of Amazon. After becoming part of this retail business, you can sell various products to millions of customers around the world.


Amazon offers its sellers an option of selling plans including Individual and Professional plans. The purpose of these plans is to ensure flexibility for the sellers and allow them to sell one item or hundreds, according to their choice. Before starting the registration process, you need to choose the plan which suits you best.

The Individual plan costs the customer $0.99 per sale. This plan does not require advanced selling programs so if you are a beginner, this plan is best for you. On the contrary, the Professional plan costs $39.99 per month. The plan allows you to sell multiple items at no extra charge as long as they are over 40 items each month, so you can choose this plan if you wish to do business on a larger scale. You can easily change the plan whenever it is convenient for you.

There are certain requirements for Registration. It is important to have access to the details including bank account number, the routing number of bank, National Identification card, chargeable credit card, tax information, and your mobile number.

The Product Details

This is a page where customers can view the product being sold. This page contains a description and details of the product. Since it is the place where customers visit to know more about a certain product, it is wise to keep the description concise, clear, and understandable. And before writing the product details, make sure that you answer to most commonly asked questions by the customers and you meet their requirements.

Importance of Performance Metrics

Amazon sellers work at a high standard providing a comfortable, easy, and seamless experience to the customers. To maintain this quality of work, analyzing the key metrics is an important key.

It includes Order defect rate, which is a measure of the seller’s standard of the service provided to their customer. This rate must be more than 1%. these also include the Pre-fulfillment cancel rate. This is initiated by the seller before the shipment starts and it should be greater than 2.5%. The second is the Late Shipment Rate, which is the percentage of orders that ship after the expected date and must be greater than 4%.

Customer Reviews

Reviews are a very important part of selling a product. Reviews by the customers are not only beneficial for the sellers but also the customers. These reviews help other customers to reach out to the seller and order products with good reviews. You can provide them good service and quality products so, you can get more reviews for your products while maintaining the rules of Amazon.

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