Tips to Improve the Overall Performance of your WordPress Build

Tips to Improve the Overall Performance of your WordPress Build

In today’s world, WordPress is considered as one of the powerful platforms for Content Management Service and it is used by most companies in order to handle their content in the best possible manner. The functionalities that WordPress provides are incomparable and that is why companies choose to hire a developers so that they can get the best of all. But not all of them are aware that if the CMS is not optimized properly then its performance will not be up to the mark. Although WordPress is really simple to understand and function for both, front-end as well as back-end users, WordPress Development Company still emphasizes concentrating on certain tips and points in order to speed up your WordPress Site.

Nowadays the digital audience has also become very choosy and very easily switch to other options if not found the current website satisfactory. They always prefer the functional, speed-optimized, good-looking website which displays all the information which they are actually looking for, in the easiest manner. There are several techniques and ways through which WordPress websites can be easily optimized. Let’s look into those points in detail.


1) Install the Plugins selectively

There are several plugins available in the market, but one needs to be very smart while making the selection of plugins. Some of them are free and many of them are paid and premium, but one should always look for the most optimal solution which adds additional functionality to your WordPress site.

 There are many such Page templates of WordPress which are loaded with certain extensions that will ultimately fulfill the purpose specified for the website. Despite having a different number of options, one should be really selective and go for only such plugins which you really need and one which solves your purpose. Having so many plugins is not considered to be an ideal situation, so it is always better to have limited plugins but the best one which suits your needs.

2) Use Proper responsive designs

Today people are not restricted to just laptops or computer systems, they access any website or email or messages on any of the digital devices including mobile, tablets, etc. Hence, it is very important that your WordPress site is responsive and very easily adapts to the screen size of the given digital device. WordPress provides more functionality than just providing a mobile-friendly set-up. There are free as well as premium themes for the responsive WordPress options. Nowadays, mobile-first designs are more useful in terms of functionality, and web pages should be displayed properly and don’t create any mess on the page.

3) Integrate with social media

No person is left today who does not have a social media account and when you integrate your WordPress website with the social media profile then you can more easily reach your concerned audience. This integration helps to increase the reach of your network. Many themes offer basic social media integration through the header/footer module or any kind of widgets.

Through Social Media WordPress Plugin one can easily integrate the social media channels. When there is social login, then one does not need to fill in the registration forms. And social media helps to reach out the maximum number of customers in a single click.

4) Make a selection of the Best Host

A powerful host acts as a game-changer in the proper functionality of the WordPress site. As per the different pricing plans, there are different options available to choose among, so one can select as per their budget. The companies can use the shared space which is very suitable for smaller business plans and will also be cheaper. This helps them to reach a new audience in a cheaper way and that too in a short period of time.

It is very important to choose a reliable host which will keep you safe from all kinds of vulnerabilities. So, one should always go for the hosting plan which also supports the regular backups. Also, the hosting plan with a good loading speed and the caching system will always perform better than the others. And customers can’t wait for a longer time to get the website online. It’s important to note that as of 2022, Elementor offers cloud hosting for WordPress. If you’re planning to create your WordPress site with the popular site builder you can bypass using any other plugins.

5) Work to improvise the overall UX of the website

The user’s experience is directly related to the functionalities of the website. So, developers should make sure that the users have a delightful experience while browsing your website and this is possible if you work well on the user’s interface. As per a study and research UX helps to increase the conversions of the users by 400%. This can be done by focusing on making your website with effortless navigation and lots of important functionalities. The provision should be such that it matches the expectations of the user and provides them consistent experience across all the devices.

6) Regularly updating the theme

If one wants to optimize their WordPress website then they should make sure to update the plugins regularly, this will keep on adding the new functionalities to the website which will make it smoother while browsing for the end-users. So, timely updates are of utmost importance for any developer to maintain the performance of the website.

7) Slow loading of the images and videos

It is a concept of loading the images and videos in a lazy manner unless and until it is required. So, what will happen is that when the end-user will scroll down the page, then only the images or the videos will get uploaded. To enable this lazy loading of the images and videos, several plugins and techniques can be used to replace all the post thumbnails, post images, content iframes, etc. Awith a placeholder loads the content in the form of images or videos once it gets closer to entering the browser window while visitor scrolls the page, by replacing the embedded YouTube and Vimeo videos with just a clickable preview image.

8) Emphasize SEO

SEO is one important factor that affects the performance of your website so stay focused on this as the process of SEO requires lots of time and effort to get the best output but there are multiple plugins, tips, and guides which are available online to help you with the SEO measures. So, the developers and programmers should make sure that this important factor of SEO is not ignored and is followed religiously.

9) Follow the concept of basic and clean design

If you are upgrading the website or building the website, then just keep one thing in mind that how the visitors will see the same on your website. The design should be such that it does not confuse the visitor and is very easily understandable to them. The visitors already have some fixed set of designs in their mind as per which they look for the option in that particular space only and if it’s not there they might get confused and leave your website and switch to another one. So, make it a rule to follow the simple and clean design for your website.


The above points ensure that by following these tips and techniques one can directly improve the functionality of their WordPress website. Also, the community of WordPress supporters has been ever-growing, and they keep on posting about several tools and useful recommendations on how to make your WordPress site more functional.

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