4 Time Management Tips for Studio Owners

Management Hacks for Studio Owners
In the inspired words of Benjamin Franklin: Time is money.

Unfortunately, over the past 18 months, a lot of time has been lost in tackling the ominous threat of COVID. Fortunately, given the return of mask-off, high-intensity activities in public gyms, life appears to now be re-entering into some kind of normality. And for this reason, it made sense to offer some tips and tricks to the Studio Owners out there who are looking to take some of this lost time back, focus on what they love, and recuperate some of those lost earnings in the process!

Having to juggle some of the challenging demands of their clientele, a Studio Owner’s repertoire doesn’t stop at the customer-facing surface level duties, in fact, countless other responsibilities often go unnoticed, such as school management system, scheduling, invoicing & tracking, and of course all the technical stuff that gets the classes into action. They’re part of a fast-paced organization that carries a huge amount of stress.

Here, we’ll look at 4 Time Management Hacks for Studio Owners to minimise stress, save time and, enjoy the job more:

Automated Online Payment

Gone are the days of clunky cash registers and filthy dollars notes.

In the last 4 years, the global digital payments sector has grown from $3 Trillion to $5.4 Trillion. More and more people are making payments online, and it’s time you do too. Fortunately, the OClass software has gone the extra step in ensuring this is as seamless and automated as possible – whether it be paying staff or accepting payment from clients.

With software that’s compatible with all debit and credit cards, eChecks, and most major online payment gateways, our automated feature allows for quicker and easier payment processing from all angles. From an error-free payroll system to website functions that allow returning customers to create payment accounts & subscription plans, the OClass automated payments options are guaranteed to give you more time to focus on delivering high-quality service.

Streamlined Communication to Users

Social media has exploded as a category of online discourse where people create content, share it, bookmark it, and network at a remarkable rate. It’s almost impossible to conceive the idea that your company should communicate using each one of them to ensure no users are missed! Thankfully, o class has integrated a sophisticated communication platform that’s guaranteed to save time.

Has the instructor fallen ill? Has their dog swallowed the car Keys? Or maybe the new students are expected to bring identification on their first day? Either way, the announcements section on the OClass dashboard has you covered. Filter new students when they enroll onto a schedule, address the entire class, and more using a user-friendly email format at just a few clicks.

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