Time to Upskill with Job-Oriented Courses like Data Analytics

The Covid-19 pandemic not only took millions of lives worldwide but also had a deep impact on the global economy. As a result, the global job market took a hit and unemployment rates soared. Multiple industries which were offering employment to youth from multiple domains started laying off employees and recruitment came to a standstill. The situation turned grim, especially in developing nations like India where a nationwide lockdown brought the economy down to its knees. 

However, one sector stood tall above all and the pandemic-induced slowdown had little to no impact on it. The sector is the analytics sector which actually saw a boost and businesses started scrambling for complete digital transformation overnight. Since offline markets were closed, demand for products and services over online platforms soared. Work from home over digital infrastructure quickly became the new norm and subsequently, the rise of data analytics was inevitable. At a time when fresh graduates are looking to acquire job-oriented skills, courses in data analytics quickly topped the charts. 

This is the perfect time to upskill with Data Analytics!

No matter if you are a working professional or a fresh graduate, this is the perfect time for you to upskill with Data Analytics:

  • Data Analysts are in High Demand
    A quick search for data analytics job roles in any of the job portals will reveal thousands of open positions across the globe. 
  • Data Analysts are paid handsomely!
    Glassdoor reports that an average a data analytics professional in India earns Rs 5 Lacs and 35 thousand, while AmbitionBox reports it to be above Rs 4 Lacs. With experience, a Data Analyst might earn more than Rs 12 Lacs per annum in India and if a candidate has an additional skill like Machine Learning, then the average salary easily moves up to Rs 7.8 Lacs!
  • Stable and Future-Proof!
    Given the nature of the work and the continuous rise of digital economies across the globe, the job of a data analyst is not going to get irrelevant even in the distant future. The level of stability provided by a data analytics job is unparalleled even in the tech world!

What skills do you need for becoming a data analyst?

 Thus, if you are looking to take up data analytics you might want to revise those chapters. There are also many courses in data analytics that offer training from the basics for students from a non-science background, thus, even if you do not come from a typical science background, you have got nothing to worry about. 

Data Analytics also requires knowledge of programming languages and computer algorithms and thus, if you have prior experience in coding then you are at an advantage. Interestingly, Python seems to be an extremely important skill for data analysts. 

Other than Python, you will also need to master advanced Excel and SQL. Excel because of its popularity when it comes to spreadsheets and as a data analyst, you will need to communicate your work on Excel charts more often, especially when communicating with non-tech personnel of your company. SQL is important because when it comes to managing databases, SQL is the standard language for ‘talking’ with database systems. 

Is the journey of becoming a Data Analytics too tough?

Although it is not going to be a cakewalk, acquiring data analytics can be fairly simple given you are provided the right guidance and training. This is why selecting the best data analytics course is important. The best course will have a tailor-made curriculum that will let you sail through the journey of acquiring all the necessary skills and the best instructors to impart you with all the abilities to become a master!

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