Things You Will Need To Make Your Hostel Living Experience Enjoyable

Finding a ladies hostel in pune is no tough job; what’s tough though is to find a hostel that best suits your requirements. Nonetheless, if you have finally found a suitable hostel for yourself, it’s probably time for you to pack. Only bring what is necessary. It might seem like a must to bring everything that you used back in home, but it would be hard to manage so much stuff, and you don’t have enough space for it. 

It might be a good idea to speak to a student before you pack. They can help you determine what the “must-haves” and the “don’t bothers” are. Past boarders may also have information on the ways of the hostel that could prove highly helpful.

Be sure to carefully read the rule book of your hostel. This could dramatically change your living situation. Not giving enough time in understanding what your new hostel is like can lead to you being locked into a lifestyle you don’t like.

Talking about what to carry to your hostel, this list will help you immensely. Check out—

  • Electronics and equipment

Although a good internet connection and a laptop have always been important, they are more crucial now than ever to your success in college. With many universities switching to online learning, it is essential to have a device to keep you connected to your virtual classrooms. You may need two outlets to keep your electronics charged. A power strip is a great option in these situations. You can use them to shorten cords that are too long. It is also essential to have a good headset for online lectures. This will ensure that you are not distracted by outside noises and other distracting factors that may occur when living in a hostel. You can also save yourself from wrist pain by investing in a mouse. Wireless is the way to go. These items should invariably be included on your hostel room’s packing list. 

  • Food and snacks

Your hostel will probably provide you meals on time. However, many great additions can be made to make hostel food more enjoyable. Pickles are the easiest way to make meals more fun, and interesting. You can pack a jar of home-made pickles to make your hostel’s bland food amazing. Make coffee your go-to drink to get through an assignment marathon, or the long night of studying before an exam. To make your mornings more enjoyable, you could even bring a electric kettle. It heats water instantly, which you can then use to prepare tea, coffee or instant noodles. Also carry bags of packaged snacks to eat in between classes. This is especially useful if you don’t have time for lunch. Even though your hostel’s kitchen may not be the same as your home’s, that shouldn’t discourage you from preparing easy healthy meals like oats for your mornings and evenings. But then you should use the hostel kitchen only if you are permitted to cook. About quick snacking, there are numerous options available that are ready to eat, and can be stored easily.

Talking about appliances, whether it’s a hot plate, a coffee maker, or a hot water kettle, you should check the safety rules for all the items you intend to bring and use. 

  • Items of decor

Your hostel room will be your home through your college years. It may not feel like home at first, but there are many things you can do to make it feel like home. You should put in efforts to customize the space, and even try your hand at interior designing. A rug is a great way of adding color and life to a room. Placards can be used to give your room personality and express your interests. You can create a display of your own artwork. This is, in fact, the best decor idea for people who enjoy drawing and painting. Decor doesn’t have to be expensive—bear in mind! It’s also not only about aesthetics, you can make it functional too. Arrange a small seating for your friends. A room can be made much more welcoming with an appealing temporary seating arrangement than having a single desk or chair in the room.

But then hostels are very strict about space management. Meaning, you may have to share your space with someone else. In that case you can tweak the decoration as per the existing conditions. If the floor space isn’t going to be sufficient for the kind of decoration you are planning, you can use the vertical space. Use paintings and other wall decor items that can be used to beautify a space without consuming any floor space. 

You can also use closet organizers or storage hangers that will help you keep your wardrobe organized and tidy so that there is more space for your essentials. 

No matter what style you choose, decorate your hostel room with joy and enjoy the process. All hostels in pune will allow you to personalize your room as per your taste, as long as you don’t damage the property making structural changes.


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