The Matrix ft. Video Games

Do you like playing video games? How about watching movies? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you’re in for a treat.

Below, we compare and contrast two different types of media: Matrix movies and video games. We’ll mainly focus on how the Matrix movies have been resurrected in popular video games. If you’re curious to see how the two mediums differ (or similarities), keep reading.
Matrix Movies
First, what exactly is the Matrix, and why does it matter? The original Matrix movie came out in 1999, and it was an immediate hit with audiences all over the world. It was so successful that it spawned three sequels: Reloaded in 2003, Revolutions in 2003, and Resurrections in 2021.

Don’t worry; we’re not giving you any spoilers. The movie’s plot follows a group of people who live in a world where sentient machines enslave humans. This group of ‘freedom fighters’ do everything they can to fight back against the machines and free humanity from their tyranny.

Fun fact, not many people saw Reloaded and Revolutions during their theatrical releases. According to sources, Reloaded and Revolutions brought in less than $100 million each at the box office (they cost a lot more to make), and most people ended up seeing them at home on DVD. However, the same cannot be said about Resurrections’, the latest and highly anticipated release.
Matrix Games
Now that we know about the movies let’s talk about their video game counterparts. Video games based on popular movies are relatively commonplace. For example, some of the earliest video games ever made were based on Star Wars (i.e., Atari Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back) – and more often than not, video games based on movies are pretty bad.

So what makes the Matrix games so great? Simply put, they re-visit the world of the original movie and expand upon it in ways that were never possible within the time constraints of a film. Although there have been many Matrix video games released over the years, the most popular ones on the internet are: Enter The Matrix and The Path of Neo.
Enter The Matrix
First, we discuss Enter The Matrix, a 2003 third-person shooter for PC, Playstation 2, Xbox, Gamecube, and Gameboy Advance. The game received critical acclamation on all platforms and based on the first movie, i.e., The Matrix. You play as one of two characters – either Niobe or Ghost – and your goal is to escape the Matrix (and fight bad guys along the way).

Review In: Sadly, the game’s interface is riddled with bugs and glitches. However, what makes Enter The Matrix so unique is that it does something no other Matrix game had done at the time: let players control characters from the movie; this was a big deal for diehard Matrix fans.
The Path of Neo
Now let’s talk about The Path of Neo, a 2005 third-person action game for PC and Xbox. Unlike Enter The Matrix, this game takes place during the first three movies – so if you’re a fan of Reloaded and Revolutions, you’re going to love this game.

It is another third-person action game where you play as a character from the movies – played by none other than our hero, Neo. In terms of gameplay, Path of Neo serves as a kind of culmination of everything that came before it; its combat is similar to Enter The Matrix, but it has a few RPG elements thrown in as well.

The game received mixed reviews when it was released. Critics praised its combat system and graphics, but they criticized its lack of depth and low difficulty. However, Path of Neo was critically received because it was also the first Matrix game to feature an original story – meaning fans of the series would have had a new way of experiencing The Matrix.
The Bottom Line
In conclusion, both games are fantastic. Although they might not be for everyone (that is, if you played them back when they were released), both video games help expand the world of The Matrix in exciting ways. They also succeed at giving players a chance to control characters from the movie, something that’s still pretty rare in video games (or any other medium, for that matter).

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