The Best Summoner Necromancer Build for D2R runes: Must have a large army of Minions through Raise Skeleton, Raise Skeletal Mage, Revive


This is going to be one of the best builds for you because it is the easiest build. You can raise a large army of Minions through Raise Skeleton, Raise Skeletal Mage, Revive, and a Golem of their choosing. Combined with a series of debilitating Curses, this build is popular for solo. In the end game, it can actually be a pretty good build overall, it’s also great in party play as people are going to love having your summons in the front to help them tank so really great starting build and just a great build overall. This is just your classic summon Necromancer build.

  1. Summoner Necromancer Skill Build

  2. The first point is allocated to all prerequisites in the Summoner Necromancer Skill Build2. 20 points to Raise Skeleton— Max immediately, which is necessary3. 20 points to Skeleton Mastery— 1 point immediately, then the maximum after Raise Skeleton, as needed.

    4. 1 point to Clay Golem — 1 point immediately, required

  3. 1+ points to Corpse Explosion— Area of effect damage to support your Minions, which is mandatory.6. 1 point to Summon Resist — Resistances for Minions, which can be respecced out of points later on if necessary.7. 1 point to Amplify Damage— The primary damage curse for your Minions, which is required.

    8. 1 point to Decrepify — The primary survivability curse for your Minions, which is required.

    Attributes of a Summoner Necromancer are:

  4. Summoner Necromancer Attributes

Strength: sufficient for gear; approximately 150 pounds total

Dexterity: sufficient for gear.

Vitality: Everything

Energy: Nothing (unless you have an Energy shield).

  1. Summoner Necromancer Gear

The best damage builds: You can have this beast give you all minion fanaticism, which would be fantastic for you, shako plus skill; mars plus skill; res enigma plus skill; teleportation, which is very helpful for your minion spirit shield; and then you can get a very standard FCR from this beast.

Stacking abilities: You can stack summoning abilities, grand charms, and other D2R items, which is extremely beneficial. On your off-hand, you can have CTA, which would allow you to summon another Spirit because you have enough for the Spirit on your main hand, right? Alternatively, if you don’t have a Beast, Hodo is a good option because it gives you plus three skills, increased dexterity, and maximum mana, among other things. Another option is to simply use a white wand, which has many benefits.

When you reach level 19, you can also obtain a Teleport Staff from normal Act 3 and beyond. Additionally, Teleport charges are extremely beneficial for this character, as they allow you to gather all of your summonses and transport them to wherever you need them. In order to progress further, you must first obtain stealth armor, which is fantastic, to begin with and can get you quite far. You can then obtain FRW, FCR, and FHR 6 dexterity, which are all excellent scolders. In order to obtain magic, you must first obtain smoke skills, which are excellent. Viper magic is fantastic, and Hagan’s is fantastic as well as the skills FCR is fantastic, and even just Spirit Shroud gets the plus one to all skills right now we’re just looking for skills, and some FCR, and some of that other stuff, but skills is the most important piece we’re looking for right now.

Rhyme can’t be frozen as much as it used to, but it does have some magic, which is nice. But what about something like Boneflame plus the Rita skills? We enjoy the skill chats, so that’s something to think about. Any of these things are fantastic, but Darkforce Spawn plus three summoning abilities are even better.

If you do require some resistances and other D2R items, you could look into getting an Iratha’s Coil Crown and shoving it in there, or you could get a rock stopper, which is a great gem to have on hand rather than just shoving random maroons in there.

Lore is a fantastic rune word, and this is a fantastic one to farm from the nightmare countess. You can use Bloodfist for hit recovery and 40 to life, and you can use Bloodfist for hit recovery and 40 to life.

If you’re looking for some mana, Magefist are excellent, and trans gloves are also excellent because you get an additional bonus to your cold resist. However, the fire skills here actually help corpse explosion because it does fire damage, so you’ll get an additional bonus to your Frostburn if you’re looking for some mana.

The items listed in the following section are some of the most important for the Summoner Necromancer to have.

  • Weapon: Ethereal Beast
  • Weapon Swap: Call to Arms and Spirit
  • Gloves: Trang-Oul’s Claws or Magefist
  • Boots: Marrowwalk
  • Belt: Arachnid Mesh
  • Shield: 35% Faster Cast Rate Spirit Monarch Shield
  • Body Armor: Enigma
  • Helm: Harlequin Crest
  • Ring 1: The Stone of Jordan or Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band
  • Ring 2: The Stone of Jordan or Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band
  • Amulet: Mara’s Kaleidoscope
  • Charm 1: Necromancer Hellfire Torch
  • Charm 2: Annihilus
  • And Charm 3: 9x Summoning Skiller Grand Charms with Life or enough Faster Hit Recovery to hit 86% or 152% Faster Hit Recovery
  • Charm 4: 10 Small Charms with Life, Resistances, Mana, or Faster Hit Recovery, depending on needs
  1. Summoner Necromancer Mercenary

The reason you want an offensive (Might) Act 2 Nightmare mercenary is that you don’t want any cold damage that can cause corpses to fall to the ground. The damage dealt by minions is also increased by the aura.

1. Ethereal Pride is used as a weapon.

2. Helm: Andariel’s Visage, which has a Ral Rune socketed into it.

3. Ethereal Fortitude as a form of body armor

  1. MrLlamaSC’s Summoner Necromancer Video Guide

We have a video guide to the building process that you can use in place of or in addition to our written guide if you prefer to watch it rather than read it.

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