Super Device

The super device the term “super device” refers to a variety of interconnection features. With the main goal of boosting user communication between devices, super device also covers convenient travel, health and fitness, and entertainment.

Customers will be able to connect all of their Huawei devices  into a single’singular experience,’ allowing them to use any device for any function, such as playing a phone app on a PC or working on a tablet screen while connected to a laptop, as part of Huawei’s super device offer.

What is the purpose super device?

Users using a huawei laptop or PC can utilize it as a hub to create a professional work environment, with the ability to seamlessly share resources between devices and the ability to instantly pair cell phones and smart watches with headphones and other peripherals using super device. Connecting tablets and laptops is as simple as dragging and dropping with three options: Mirror, Extend, and collaborate.

Extend lets you use your tablet as a second screen, while Reflect lets you mirror your computer screen onto your tablet while still utilizing the pen. Collaborate makes dragging and dropping files across devices straightforward, allowing users to transfer data quickly and easily without the use of wires or third-party services.


Thanks to the Super Device feature, Huawei laptops may now be more easily connected to peripherals such as TWS buds, speakers, and even Bluetooth-enabled mice and keyboards.

While some of the features aren’t new and have already been covered in our reviews of Huawei’s most recent products, such as tablets, the addition of new ones improves the ecosystem’s overall experience.

Workplace Intelligence

The huawei super device is more than just a way to link different devices. It’s about putting them all together to create a smart office experience—one that encourages easy engagement, fluid collaboration, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to set up a workstation on par with corporate workstations.


The huawei super device offer is designed to provide users more control over all of their Huawei devices while also allowing them to share functions. Although Apple’s ecosystem is well-known, Huawei’s unified strategy may prove to be more successful in the long term Huawei has put itself in a difficult position, but if it can deliver on all of the potential that this system encapsulates, it may be a game-changer. Only time will tell if this is true.

Ingenuity at its Finest

Users frequently find themselves juggling two diverse and fragmented ecosystems as they acquire more and more smart gadgets: computers for work and smart phones for fun. Because no single device can meet all of a user’s everyday needs, devices’ ability to work together to deliver a unified experience is more vital than ever. This is especially crucial in light of the growing demand for customers to be productive when on the move. Huawei now wants to get rid of inter-device boundaries. Huawei now wants to get rid of inter-device boundaries.

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